Sand Between my Toes

I spent last week in Miami for a work conference, and it made for a great little break.  While we spent every day in an overly air conditioned conference room, I managed to sneak out for a little beach time…

I mean LOOK at that water… how could I not?!

It was so clear, and sooooo blue.  That perfect tropical color that seriously does not exist on the west coast!

On a few days, I snuck out to the beach over our lunch break, and parked myself in a chair for a little sun, and the feeling of vacation… even if it was for just an hour.  The warm sun, and a cold beverage was just what I needed…

And… THIS was the view from my room at the W in South Beach…

 I’ll just say… it didn’t suck 🙂

It’s a breezy 60 degrees in San Francisco, and just posting these pictures makes me crave the balmy weather, and room service.  I wish there were a freshly stocked mini-bar in our apartment… and a maid to give me fresh towels daily.

Side note: what is it about hotels that makes me go through about 5 towels a day??  Ugh, if only we had a fairy that came to our house and swapped them out for us every day…

I was so good – one morning I even got up early for a run, and to watch the sunrise…

And then I was bad, and had a few cocktails by the pool… it would have been wrong of me not to take full advantage of Miami!!

… and everyone needs a good tan in South Beach…

All in all, a fabulous week away – even if it was for work!!

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