Office Organization

I’ve been trying to get organized and make my totally bland office a little more homey.  If you want some really hideous “before’s” of my office click here… They are just too ugly to post again…
For the last several months, it has been just me and my computer, and the room looked exactly as it did when I first moved in.  
Then I hit up Ikea…
They had some fabulous stuff to help organize and corral all the papers, and “stuff” that piles up at work.  
I loved the citron yellow boxes paired with the periwinkle file holders (a technical term) – aside from the organization factor, they bring some much needed color to this otherwise totally drab space.
And I loved these woven boxes with labels on the front – I might go back for a few extras for our house!
A few small framed prints also helped spruce up the space…
And I totally stole this photograph from our living room – I love this picture of the Ferry Building with the bokeh effect, and it very conveniently matches the periwinkle file boxes I bought!  Don’t you love when things just work out??
This pretty abstract seaside painting just makes me happy…

This is no crowning glory, but my office space is a bit more livable now with some personal effects in here, and the fact that there is COLOR aside from the drab blah beige is a huge win.

I still feel that the bookshelf could use some work… unfortunately I realized that all the office furniture was rented with the building, and so painting was quickly out of the question.  I’m toying with the idea of covering the back of the bookshelf with paper or fabric of some sort – perhaps a bold black and white stripe… or maybe just a solid color.  Grey?

All that faux wood just hurts my eyes, but at least I’m making baby steps.

Now we need to get some artwork up in herreeeeee!!

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