Vertical Gardens

My newest obsession has nothing to do with interior decor, but with exterior decor… specifically in the garden. And specifically addressing the issue of how to dress up an outside space that is short on… well… space.
The vertical garden maximizes what space you DO have… so if you don’t have space to plant in the ground, utilize the side of your house, or a wall on a small porch, deck or other mini-outdoor area.  Right now, we don’t technically have an outdoor area (unless you count the fire escape), but that may change soon enough… so when we do, I want to be prepared with ideas!
I mean how AMAZING is this??  Here is an up-cycled a pallet from a local garden store stuffed full of all kinds of succulents… LOVE!
Or this larger scale succulent wall against the bright orange-y red aluminum siding…

Here, it’s almost like a piece of art in a zen indoor-outdoor space with lots of natural light.

And here the vertical garden is applied inside, and is lush with ferns that take over this entire wall behind the mod sofa.
I really love the rustic look of this one… In my head it seems like it would be easy maintenance but god knows I have a brown thumb that can kill any living plant within the week…
What do you think of the vertical garden?  Any experience building one yourself?  Is it easy? Hard? Should I try it out or stick to potted plants?

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