Card Catalog – Ikea Hack

Just last week I was talking about incorporating vintage card catalogs into your home, and just this morning I stumbled across this awesome Ikea Hack to make your own card file drawers!

This Post at The Painted Hive gives you the details on making the very inexpensive (and cheap looking) Moppe Drawers from Ikea into this lovely, antique-y looking card catalog for your desk.

Use a little stain, get some cute brass label holders, flip the drawers backwards, and voila!  I may have missed a step in there, but it’s all very easy – pretty much a 20 minute project.

I also think these would be awesome outside of an office environment. Wouldn’t these be great to hold recipes in a kitchen, or hold makeup, or q-tips, or other bathroom supplies?

Seemed like the other trick to making them appear authentic was to sand the corners down a bit so they looked worn, and using Danish oil for a slight sheen… who knew?!

After a quick search online, I’m seeing these drawers available only on the UK Ikea site, however they may have a different name here.

I’ll report back on what I find!

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