Industrial Shelving

Industrial… rustic… found… restored… upcycled… these are all SUPER common words thrown around in design magazines, shows, and blogs… and a spreading trend supported by hugely popular retailers like West Elm and Restoration Hardware. I’m not a fan of everything “industrial”, but used with restraint, these pieces add a lot of character, and help balance out a room, keeping it from looking to perfect and shiny.

As I think about our pending move, and as we get rid of our “early twenties single furniture” and fill our house with things that reflect BOTH of our tastes and personalities, I’d love to find a few ways to incorporate some pieces with a bit more of an industrial feeling to them.  These photos provide ample inspiration for the look I’m going for… clean and classic, with a bit of industrial chic…

As trends come and go, I think I’d most want to test this trend through a piece that isn’t a staple to our house.  Some sort of shelving unit seems like a safe bet, because it will be large enough to make a statement, but we won’t feel TOO tied to it the same way we would with an “investment piece” like a bed or dining room table.

I did a little digging to see what I could find online, and it turns out that there are a TON of cool shelving units that are very reasonable.  My best sources??  Home Depot, Lowes, and Ikea.  These aren’t even all the shelving units I found either – just my favorites…

1  , 2
 3  ,  4
5  ,  6

These shelving units, range in price from $15 (yes… $15!!!!) to $130.

The most expensive was the wooden Ivar Unit (#4) from Ikea at $128 (luckily for me, this is my least favorite of the bunch), and the least expensive shelf was $6 from Ikea… and it cost just $15.

I literally cannot get over it!  I am dying to see what it looks like in person – is it rickity?  Does it look cheap or totally awesome?? It’s only 10″ deep, so it wouldn’t stick out too far into a room, and I think it would look kind of cool to line up four of them along a wall for open storage.  I also like that there is A LOT of space between each shelf – nearly 20″ if I’m doing my math correct, so things wouldn’t feel cramped.

I mocked it up really quick… kind of awesome, right??

… and it would only be $60 for 4 of these shelving units!  I also like #3 a lot, and those are just $30 each from Home Depot!

Another mock up… more cramped, but also a lot more storage??  Also… it looks a more sturdy with the X’s on the back for support… no?

#2 would look cool in a kitchen, holding colorful mixing bowls, pretty new pots, and cook books… along with large glass jars of flower, sugar, oatmeal, and other bulk foods.

#1 is also at the top of my favorites… and while the frame looks really sturdy, I think the black might be too dark considering I’m trying to stay away from too much more black in our house…

On the “less industrial end” I am IN LOVE with #5 – the Vittsjo shelving unit, and with a quick coat of gold spray paint, it could soon be just like one of these…

Not at all industrial, but still a shelving look that I’m obsessed with… ALTHOUGH I’m not hating the black at all… it might also look amazing with a rubbed bronze finish??

After tracking down some great industrial shelving options, and seeing how inexpensive they all are, the little wheels in my head have started turning…

Perhaps you’ll be seeing more on this topic soon…

2 thoughts on “Industrial Shelving

  1. These shelves are awesome. I would NEVER have thought of looking at Home Depot for a bookshelf to go in a living room. Great finds!



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