Summer Rompers

I’ve never felt that I could successfully pull off a romper, but after seeing a few girls wear them last weekend in Napa, I really want one of my own.  There is just something about a girl who wears a romper that says “cool factor”… although I realize saying “cool factor” makes me sound like kind of the opposite… I never was too cool.

Anyways… how cute are these??


Lanvin / MaxMara jump suit, $530 / RED Valentino , $355 / Dorothy Perkins / Forever 21 romper

I pulled together a few of my favorites here, and I think each has it’s different purpose – clockwise from the far left there’s the work appropriate pants version, the sexy cut out version perfect for Miami or Vegas, the relaxed aztec print version, the dressy black lace version, the floaty feminine version, and the pretty ladylike version.

The reason I’ve never seriously attempted one myself is because I have a long torso, and the last thing I want to do is look like I’m trying to squeeze into kids clothing, BUT what I’ve found is that by following a few rules, just about anyone can pull one off…

1.  Make sure that it’s long enough
Not only do the shorts have to be long enough, but the body has to be long enough too otherwise it will ride up, and make for possibly the most unflattering outfit.  Ever.  EVER.

2.  Make sure they nip in at the waist
If you are wearing a romper that’s too baggy, you’ll look dumpy – for lack of a better word.  Belt it, cinch it, do whatever you have to, but be sure your waist is defined.

3.  Make sure the shorts (or pants) are loose and pull away from your legs
This rule also applies to wearing shorts, and there is nothing less flattering than shorts that are too tight around your legs.  Period.

Andddd, I’m off to do a little online shopping… I need to find me a romper!

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