Spooky Decor??

What is something that sounds like it would be spooky but it’s actually something you sit on…

Any guesses??

. . .

. . .

. . .

No… you give up???

. . .

A ghost chair!!

Oh man… who doesn’t love an lame awesome riddle??

Ok getting serious again, these chairs are just so cool… I mean how could they not be when they have a name like “ghost chair”.

These chairs have been featured in every decor publication from Elle Decor to Traditional Home, which means that pretty much everyone has jumped on the ghost chair bandwagon.  Super trendy?? Yes.  Are they classic pieces that your grandchildren will fight over??  Pretty sure the answer to that is “no”, but considering you can find them for ~$150 each, it’s not a huge investment for a statement piece that you’ll absolutely love for at least a few years.

Let’s be honest, I’ve spent more on shoes I’ve never worn because they pinch my feet… so in the scheme of things, one or two of these oh-so-pretty-chairs would be just a blip on the radar or at least that’s the story I’m going to sell to Kris.

Some people have gone all out, and decked out entire dining rooms with them – traditional meets modern… me likey…

While others opt to integrate them in small understated doses… and the fur draped over this one??? OMG I’m dying!!

Used in a home office full of danish inspired pieces…

… Or in a glammed up breakfast room, complete with sputnik-ish light installation, glass pedestal table, and white galore.

I happen to love the juxtoposition of the rustic dining table, and natural decor with these lucite beauties…

And again here with the rustic unfinished wood of the desk.

So very cool!  I’m thinking that when we move, I may treat myself to one of these – either for our desk, or perhaps as a cool accent chair in the living room…

What do you think?  Would you ever own one?  Do you think they are awesome or awful?  How comfortable do you think they are??

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