Dining Room Progress…

Happy Monday all!  Last week, I’d talked about how I’d painted the trim in our dining room, and that from there my plans for this little space spiraled a bit out of control…

We’ll let’s take a look at a few before’s and afters from just the trim…



Nothing earth shattering, but a DEFINITE improvement.  The trim and the ceiling had been the same color, so that really puts into context how much brighter the room felt once the trim got painted out.  Queue: sigh of relief.

This weekend, I made some SERIOUS headway on the other updates I’d wanted to make… remember this inspiration board I put together??

Well, I am VERY excited to say that the dining room is looking VERY close to this already – dare I say it, I will be finishing up our newly revamped space this week.  I’m going to hold out for a final room reveal, but I wanted to at least share a few sneak peeks at how it’s evolving…

Ooh la la… look at those pale grey walls staring back at me….  and with the white trim…  I die.

…. and what is this??  A nubby, natural, gloriously textured jute rug??  Love at first sight….

Yes.  Yes I did.  Please say hi to my new BFF – she is soft and a very pale blonde, and I absolutely adore her!
This is just the smallest glimpse of the changes this room is seeing… I cannot wait to show you all the rest of the progress later this week!
Have a happy Monday

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