The more things change, the more they stay the same…

As our house gets pulled together, and we put money into larger investment pieces (a couch most recently) I spend a lot of time thinking about my taste, how it’s evolved, and how it’s stayed the same.
If you’d asked me a year ago  how I felt about “modern” pieces, I would have given you a never-in-a-million-years look, but now I appreciate, and even love a lot of modern (gasp, yes modern) and mid-century modern pieces… my house will never be full of cold, angular furniture, but I have an appreciation for a little bit modern here and there… whether its a side table, or light fixture, I find that it adds depth to a space.

But where my taste has changed in some areas, there are some things that I always come back to… clean lines, light colors, and a good mix of interesting neutrals.

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE color – but I never tire of of light colors. I am drawn to them – I love how pale walls, and clean light or white furniture, open up a room, and make it so pretty.

By the way, what is the wall color in the above photo??  I need to know – it’s the perfect “putty” color, and would be a really great choice if you liked the look of grey walls, but had lots of tan, furniture…

Everything in this room is perfection… lots of oatmeal going on, but the interesting textures (tweed, woven fiber, etc) keeps it from looking stale and boring.  The natural wood coffered ceiling doesn’t hurt either…

I have posted this room before and I will post it again… this side table is absolute perfection, and the warmth in the brass is a nice addition to all the cool grey tones going on… light walls keep everything from feeling too heavy too…
And of course… the inspiration for the rug that is currently in our living room – Kelly Wearstler can do no wrong, and I still LOVEEEE this room.  On the hunt for a new coffee table, I’m thinking a brass base and glass top might be nice… or something with a rustic aged wood?
Notice anything else about all of these spaces??  Classic to the core.  While there might be a few modern aspects to them, I am still drawn to classic lines, simple details, and a long floor to ceiling curtain never hurt anyone…

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