West Elm – Where have you been all my life?!

You guys!  I am in LOVE!

I think I am the last person on this planet to discover West Elm, but I am completely smitten… how did I not know about this gem beforehand?!
I kind of feel like this store is a culmination of everything simple, classic and chic with a contemporary edge. Don’t get me wrong – I veer towards classic/traditional through and through – but there is a total soft spot in my heart for the more edgy and modern… especially in accessories.  Over the weekend, Kris and I went couch hunting, and stopped into West Elm – and while none of the sofa’s were for us, Kris was literally ooh-ing and ahh-ing over everything in there.  It was SO freaking funny, since I’ve never once seen him get that excited about shopping.  Or home decor.  Ever.  
Soooooooo many good light fixtures and lamps
I mean, how good is this chandelier???

Or this faux tree branch lamp??  I mean, that is just cool!

And this hinge arm glass floor lamp kills me – and I need it.  Like now.

You know how I feel about a good stripe – these curtains are contemporary, but the linen also makes them classic and earthy… ahhhhhh (that’s the sound of angels singing)…

There are lots, and LOTS of abstract patterns on every textile from bedding to curtains to throw pillows – some more abstract than others (that ombre batik pillow trio) vs. the elongated honeycomb pillow… sooo good!

But you know I’m eyeing the abstract chevron pillows… black and white?? Yes please!!

 Remember these curtains from this post??  West Elm!!

And if you like shiny objects as much as I do…




Mercury glass galore…

 … or perhaps these gold orbital “things” are up your alley… they are definitely up mine!  So cool propped on a bookshelf or coffee table…

I for one am in looovveee with these mirrored trays (with stand)… with the price of the coveted bar cart through the roof, these would make a pretty little bar in a corner of the living room… no?

And brass animals… so quirky but cool.
Perhaps another trip to West Elm is in my future… that glass floor lamp is calling to me…..

2 thoughts on “West Elm – Where have you been all my life?!

  1. Thanks for your Post! I'm glad you had so much fun at the store. Please shoot me an email and I will be sure to invite you to the party when we open in Mill Valley later this Fall.
    Kendall – West Elm PR
    kacoleman [at] wsgc.com


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