Being a Grown-up and Buying a Grown-up Sofa

Nothing makes me feel like more of a grown up than making big purchases like buying a sofa.  NOTHING!  Holy heck – I’m turning 30 this year and buying a sofa and living with a boy!

Big things are happening left and right, and this sofa decision is weighing heavily on my mind.  We have spent several weekends sitting on hundreds of sofas – some comfy but ugly, some pretty but uncomfortable, some big, some small… we are the Goldilocks of couch-hunting.  It’s too soft, it’s not soft enough – you should hear us bicker!
I went into this whole process wanting a standard sofa… and have come away agreeing to a sectional.  Things are a-changin my friends!  I am putting comfort before aesthetics (to a point of course)!  In just a few weekends, I’ve gone from loathing the idea of a sectional, to welcoming it with open arms!  They are soooo comfortable, and shockingly enough, they make some pretty good looking ones now!
One of our finalists is actually from Pottery Barn – which I’d sworn off the last time we were couch hunting, but we are back…
The Carlisle is pretty, AND comfy… it turns out, and once we sit on it again, we might even seal the deal!
Of course, I can’t fully commit until I have a very clear image in my head of how this will look with the rest of our stuff, so of course I mocked it up… (are you surprised?)
Ok, let’s be honest, that’s just for fun!  I love this sofa regardless of my little mock-up 🙂
What is painful to admit is that by the time this lovely sofa is ordered and in our house, my little fiddle leaf fig will probably be a twig.  I am pretty sure I’ve killed it!
It’s already lost 4 of its big gorgeous leaves!  Damn steam heater… it was living next to it in our dining room, and started looking a bit yellow and sad… turns out extreme heat or cold, or changes in temperature can cause it to go into dormancy, and drop it’s leaves.  I caught it after just 2 leaves, but I think once it’s on this “dormancy road” it’s too late.

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