A new little vignette…

Since doing a mini makeover on the wine rack we have in our living room a few months back, I hadn’t put much thought into styling the top of it, and it looked pretty much like this for the last few months:

I realize this is a terrible picture, but it’s the only one I could find… and probably for good reason.  All we had on there was a mercury glass vase (which I do love) filled with fake flowers.  UGH.


I’ve made myself a promise – no more fake flowers in our house ever again.  Ever.

Live plants just look so much prettier.  Period.

Anyways, last weekend I went to the grocery store and stocked up on pretty orchid plants – you saw the orchid terrarium that has a home on our side table now, but on top of our wine hutch are a few new plants… real plants!

Yes, I realize these are not the best photos – I snapped them with my iPhone because I was fairly certain that I lost our memory card for the DSLR camera.  I’d hunted all over, but could not find them…

**Note: we ended up locating the memory card, so all is well.

Actually, since taking these photos, I’ve grouped the smaller orchid and small green plant onto a elongated tray – it just corrals everything, and defines the group of plans.
I also was playing around with the “Panorama” app on my phone the other night, and took this panorama of our living room…

It’s totally warped, and things are not all where they belong, but I kind of love it.

You can see the towel rack by the front door, waiting to get sold on Craigslist… any takers?? 🙂  Ha!  If it doesn’t sell by the end of the week, that baby is going on the street corner!

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