Dorm Room Rewind…

It’s September, and this time of year always gets me nostalgic for back to school.  The excitement over first day of school clothes, the smell of new pencils, new notebooks, new teachers…
College…  Oh man… if I had to do it over (which I would in a heartbeat) I’d go for a totally different dorm room look.  I remember agonizing over the perfect color of periwinkle for the down comforter we were ordering, and also being really proud of the oversized cork-board covered in pictures, and a hot pink lucite lamp with matching pink shade covered in sequins.  #whatwasithinking??!!
To go back and design my dorm room, I’d go for graphic prints with a girly, youthful twist… something only an 18 year old fun loving, beach cruiser riding, UCSB co-ed could get away with…
First up… the black and white and green inspiration:

I WISH they made these storage benches when I was in college.  Not only would it have been stylish to stash our snacks, or books, or whatever it was we kept in our room, but it could have been pushed under the beds, and pulled out for seating when neighbors came by to “chill”.  I love the stripes – a little Beetlejuice, but I LOVE that about it.  And the fun lime green is so youthful, and would inject some much needed life into the drab dorm room decor.

Nothing about berber carpet says, “what a comfortable, cozy living environment” – this fun rug solves that problem quickly (and cheaply!)

Next up… the girly, graphic, mint and pink combo…

Nothing says “a girl lives here” like mint and pink.  I mean, Kris would DIE if I did our bedroom up in mint bedding with some pink and zebra throw pillows.  I’d have a pretty unhappy camper on my hands.  College should be carefree, and it’s the time to decorate your room the way you want… so pink and mint it is! Again, I just have to say… this storage bench is GENIUS. Oh if only we could rewind 10+ years and tell Target to make these back then…

And finally, the ultimate in girly… floral bedding!  Yes please!

I think this room is my favorite.  The floral bedding is bright and happy and fun, and the mix of patterns, and graphic is very kate spade meets a country garden.  You’ll notice, I kept the accessories the same in each room – drum table (just $60 right now), and the little brass elephant from Fab is quirky and shiny, and would instantaneously make you the cool girl with great taste.  
I’m actually dying to get one of these chrome floor lamps from Ikea – a GREAT price, and aside from providing great task lighting for those late nights cramming for finals, it’s ultra cool looking.  Looks REALLY pricey in person… but it’s Ikea!  $70!

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