Le Dinner et Blanc

Have you heard of this??
I hadn’t really either, but it’s a fabulous event that originated in Paris (of course they have to out-chic everyboey), but this is an event P. Diddy would approve of.  Le Diner et Blanc literally means, “The White Dinner” and it’s a trend that’s caught on everywhere.
Our own little city of San Francisco has gotten the memo, and started the tradition a few years ago.
Why do I care??  This is the first year I have tickets to go, and I could NOT be more excited!!!

After looking through literally hundreds of photos of these fab celebrations, I’m thinking sparklers are a MUST, so I ordered a few packages of them yesterday!
With that out of the way, I’ve turned my thoughts to floral arrangements – obviously with the theme of “white” I want to keep the flowers monochromatic.
I loved the groups of different flowers like this photo below:

 I especially love that they are in vintage julep cups… so cute!  And those would be so lovely at night, reflecting the candle light…

I also love the natural feel of incorporating eucalyptus leaves and greenery…

And on the topic of more natural arrangements, there is something about this next one that incorporates berries and clover… so pretty!

Moving in a different direction, I love the staggered height and the clean look of these pale blue bottles with single stems, and small arrangements…

These small arrangements in milk glass are so sweet too – and their low profile would certainly encourage conversation…

This could easily be replicated by wrapping boxes (Kleenex boxes come to mind immediately) in burlap, or even brown butcher paper, and I am LOVING the lambs ear incorporated in the floral arrangement!

I have no idea if white anemone’s are in season, but I’ve always loved the black centers – both natural with the loose pretty petals, but also dramatic from the black…

 This table was just so pretty, I had to include it in my inspiration for floral decor… simple white roses in a glass vase.  Classic all the way…

And although they aren’t in season, pretty white peonies grouped together would be an absolute dream!  So gorgeous!

So what do you think??  What will look most amazing against a background of stars and candlelight??

Looking through all these photos gets me so excited!!!

Can’t wait!

4 thoughts on “Le Dinner et Blanc

  1. That is awesome – I love meeting bloggers who also live in the area! I'm not sure where it's held this year. I heard that they will announce it day of, but I know they've done it before in the park near the amphitheater in front of the Academy of Science… should be FABulous! I just hope it's not foggy!!


  2. Oh, this is fabulous!!! Where is the hydrangeas in square burlap wrapped (Kleenex boxes photo from? I'd love to feature this but I need sourced articles. And, I wonder how your party was, afterwards! These le blanc photos look spendid.


  3. You know, unfortunately I don't have the source – it was originally found on Pinterest, and I completely forgot to post the links. I'd do a google search (you can search images) to try and find where it originated from!


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