A Fall Mantle

Seasons are changing, and between weddings, work, and enjoying the absolutely glorious weather we’ve been getting (how has it been perfect weather – 80 degrees and sunny for weeks?!) I’ve neglected my poor little blog.

Luckily, I’ve got a thoughtful, creative mama (I must get it from her) who sent me some autumn inspiration, and some lovely pictures of her fall mantle…

In her own words…
My favorite season is Autumn, not fall, Autumn. Just saying the word, autumn, has such a sense of solidity. I’m also a Virgo…go figure!

At any rate here is my mantle, decorated with items collected over a lifetime of sixty + years. 

There’s the pewter topped mug my mother in law brought back for her son (my hubby) when she visited Germany. 

And the antique Haviland Limoges plates-I’ve always been particularly fond of the one with the radishes. 

And the pumpkins and gourds…collected from visits over the years from visits to “Half A Moon Bay” as my Baby Boo used to call it.

Not the most original holiday decor, but special. Each item has a story I remember when I set it in place.

Xoxoxo to all….Becky’s Mom

Not original?!

It’s called traditional, and as everyone who knows me knows, I am a sucker for tradition.  In fact I hate change, so if the mantle at my parents dramatically changed… let’s just say, it would not be good. I love seeing the seasonal pieces brought out, and remembering the stories behind them.

Thanks mom for sending these over!

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