I Heart Booty

Not what you were expecting to read about this morning??  Sorry… I just had the urge to write about my love of booty… errr… booties I should say. Get your minds out of the gutter!
I wasn’t a believer when girls first started wearing ankle boots several years back – hard to believe, coming from someone who owns several pairs and several styles now, but I love them, and I think it’s clear that everyone else loves them too. Yep, booties are here to stay, since they are quite literally everywhere… there are booties for a night out, booties for a casual date, booties appropriate for work, and booties dedicated to play time.
I’ve rounded up my favorites from each category… and there are 9 categories… I should add that I LIMITED myself to 9.  Originally I had 14!
From left to right:

Ladylike Booties: with a streamlined heel, these booties from JCrew are totally office appropriate and would look pulled together and lady like with cropped trousers, or a pencil skirt.
Biker Booties: I’ve been on the hunt for a great pair of biker-esque booties.  How great would these be with black leggings and a long tunic-y sweater during the winter.  Perfect for rainy weather, and a little tough.
Caged Booties: Sexy thang! Likely not office appropriate, but great for weekend and evening wear. THESE boots were made for walking (figuratively… of course)
“Everywhere” Booties: I call them everywhere booties because you could pretty much wear them anywhere.  To dinner, to work, or to a casual event.  The heel dresses things up a bit, but won’t seem fussy in a situation where everyone else is wearing flip flops.
Going out Booties: Too hot to trot… perfect for a night of dancing, and is it me, or are the gold accents what MAKES these??
Playtime Booties: Channel your inner Pocahontas. These are great weekend boots – fun for a night at the movies or casual dinner.  Also great for chasing kiddos and running errands since I bet they’re as comfy as a pair of slippers.
Western Booties: My favorite pair of booties have a bit of a western flair to them and I’m on the hunt for a replacement actually.  I find that the dip along the shaft of the boot (is that the correct technical term) is super flattering around the ankle, and these look great with all skirts and dresses.
Flat Booties: Running around for errands, or holiday shopping?  Invest in a cool pair of flat boots.  Easy to take off in the dressing room, and comfy enough to tromp around all day.  These boots actually ARE made for walking… literally.
Wild Booties: Meow.  I mean these are just amazing.  With an all black outfit???  So SOO good.

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