Banquette Seating

I’ve always loved the look of banquette seating, or bench seating in a kitchen or dining room.  As long as the table isnt TOO long, and you’re not having to scoot down 4 feet on a long bench, it’s charming, and it makes a formal space more livable, and less stuffy.

Also a good option for kids (in my opinion)… they can scoot in on their own, and bench seating can sometimes be lower to the ground than chairs.

Not sure if you’re sold??  Take a look at a few of these for inspiration – I guarantee you’ll change your mind…

To me, a banquette seems like one of those things that you want to be really sturdy (and beautiful) but not something you want to spend a fortune on.  Can you imagine the horror of having food spilled on something really pricey or irreplaceable?

For most of us, bench seating might not be something we want to commit to indefinitely, (and for those of us who still rent, it’s not even an option), so while a lot of these inspiration photos feature built in bench seating, I’ve pulled together some of my favorite non-built int banquette options.

Where to Buy:

Where to Buy:

  – 5. Valletta Velvet Tufted Bench
  – 6. Threshold™ Settee Bench
  – 7. Hudson Upholstered Settee Loveseat Bench
  – 8. Zig Zag Armless Settee

So what’s your verdict – love it or hate it?

Would you ever go for built in seating, or would you stick with the furniture options?

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