Pineapples are the "Owl" of 2014

Anyone else agree??

Do you know what I’m even talking about??

I’m calling 2013 the year of the owl.  Everywhere you turned, everything was in the shape of an owl…

Owl shaped lamp bases, owls on thank you notes, in photographs, on plates, baby clothes, salt and pepper shakers… seriously… they were everywhere, and I’m not even going to lie. I was onboard.  I have several owl figurines, a framed print of an owl (which I still love very much) and I’m sure several other “owl” things.  I got totally caught admiring “owl” things here, here, and here

This year, it’s the pineapple.  They are everywhere – do you notice them?  If you didn’t before you certainly will now!

You can’t walk down an aisle of lamps without seeing a pineapple among the group… here are a few that I’m admiring:

I love this white one from Pier One – for one, it’s totally affordable ($99!!!), and the white / gold combo keeps it looking classic, and glam.

The yellow on the next two is just so fun. This one above is a take on the Horchow version (below) – very playful, but not for those that are shy of color…
If you’re not into a pineapple lamp, perhaps incorporating pineapples via a piece is art is more up your alley?
Again, the burst of color in this print below is super fun, and kind of a great way to transition a space from winter and spring, to summer.
If a pineapple print doesn’t say “summer” I don’t know what does!

Still too in-your-face with pineapple art?  Turn to your bookshelves – the perfect place to display more funky pieces.
I love this white ceramic pineapple – would look really pretty against a dark back of a book-shelf.
Or go for book-ends to corral your books… these brass bookends are quirky without being “out there”.

What do you think?  Are you going to jump on the pineapple band-wagon??

I’d love to personally – I think the pineapple lamps are really fun, and it’s actually a really classic image – I’m sure Williams Sonoma would agree:

While I want to get my hands on something pineapple (because they are sooo cool), I’m exercising restraint.

My next endeavor is to clean through all the accent pieces I already have, and weed out the ones I’m no longer in love with before I can add any pineapples to the mix.  We have about 3 boxes in storage that are full of decor accents, and we just don’t need them all.  A purge is on the horizon, and maybe as a reward when I’ve finished, we can see about a little pineapple piece 🙂

Happy Friday my friends!!

1 thought on “Pineapples are the "Owl" of 2014

  1. A bit of trivia – the pineapple is a traditional symbol of welcome. Back in the 18th and 19th century, when pineapples came from exotic places far away, people would have them on display for the holidays or parties. Because they were so expensive, they would be loaned to neighbors and relatives if someone else was having a soiree.


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