Our Hamptons Inspired Living Room…Coming to Life

Hey guys!!  Just wanted to check in with you – we’ve been making some real progress on the house which I swear I’m working on photographing and posting.  The deck is well on it’s way, the dining room is in a good place (for now) and our kitchen nook has officially become Kris’ office (and my little DIY spot for sanding, painting, building, and re-vamping).  It’s been a huge mess for the most part over the last few weeks, but I have a few photos in a cleaned up state.  I hope to share with you later this week!

In the meantime I wanted to check in with you all on our living room.  Last time I posted about it, I’d talked about the new sofa we bought, along with the new coffee table.  Neither have arrived – actually the coffee table was supposed to be here this week but the delivery date has been pushed back.  SO FRUSTRATING.

Anyway, in anticipation of these two key pieces arriving, I put together a final inspiration board for how I see this room coming together.

It looks something like this…

I’ve been putting in A LOT of thought to how I want it to look, and feel.  I’ve posted some inspiration photos that I keep close to me at all times.  I’m still feeling really drawn to a more organic, preppy, “Hamptons” look.  Woven rugs, pretty wood in the coffee table, lamps, and picture frames, and LOTS of white and blue.

It just feels so fresh and calm to me.

Most of the details in this inspiration board are already ordered or purchased, but the finishing details are still in flux.

What still needs a decision??

The pillows – I’m planning to enlist the talent of my lovely mother to help me make larger 24″ pillows for our now much larger sofa.  Right now we have 20×20″ pillows, which are nice, but since the new sofa will have a back close to 10″ taller than our current love seats, we are going to need something beefier on the sofa, so they don’t look dwarfed.  I noticed that Pottery Barn was using 24″ squares on their sofas, and loved how it filled the couch out.

In terms of fabric, I’ve been toying with many different patterns but one thing is for sure – a small scale blue and white stripe is happening.  I’m leaning towards the Covington Darlington pattern in the Mariner colorway.

I found it at Joann’s in person, but can’t seem to find it online now!  Grr!  It actually does not look quite so vibrant in person – its just really pretty and nautical.  Love.

Having this small scale stripe will read as almost a solid and will allow me to experiment with a larger pattern on the other pillows.  I learn slow, but I learn well people!

I definitely want some sort of Ikat or “enthnic” type pattern.  Not sure if that’s the right word.  Tribal?? Worldly?  Who knows… not that concerned with labeling it to be honest.  A few patterns I still looovvvveeeee??

Duralee Kalah Blue.

I’ve posted about this one before, here and here… and I’m still totally in love with it.  So much.  It’s just such a classic, and the blue is so rich and pretty.

Also, loving the Robert Allen Khandar Indigo.

I loved that the blues in this one were more light, and the background was a crisp white fabric.  But is it as classic as the Kalah blue??  Will I love it long term?? So confused.

And the final option that keeps coming back to me is the one I used in the mock up… the Duralee Woodblock Print in Indigo

Just love.  Almost as much as Kalah blue – it’s more imperfect and handmade looking, whereas Kalah blue is more refined and “fancy” feeling.  Do you agree?

Still not sure which fabric to order, so if you have an opinion, I’m open to hear it!!

Other “up in the air” details – the art.  I have the frames, but no art.  I’ve been agonizing over this a bit because I haven’t found anything I am obsessed over.  I like the sailing prints I used in the mock up, but I was really hoping to find something with more blue in it.  We have quite a few “warm” colors going on in the sofa, the natural fiber rug, the baskets, the wood table… I don’t want to make it TOO warm. Does that sound weird?

I haven’t ordered the prints yet, but I do like them.  Very calming colors, and they make me think of my dad (who loves to sail), and I really love that.  I definitely want to make a decision soon though so that the walls don’t stay empty for long after the sofa arrives.  Since we’re getting rid of both love seats, and the new coffee table is a smaller scale than our current one, the room is going to feel a bit empty at first… especially because we don’t have anything to replace the second love seat with yet.

We are thinking of putting a chair in it’s place (like the inspiration mock-up), and that’s the last “big” piece we will be purchasing for this room.

I want something comfortable.  Something you want to sink into, but also something tailored.  I found this one at Ballard – it’s the Manchester Chair:

Definitely want to check out a few other sources like Macys, since they are always having amazing sales, but I love that you can pick your fabric on this one…

Kris keeps pushing for a recliner – woof.  In his defense, we saw one at Room and Board that was a caramel leather, and really sleek – no clue it was a recliner, but it still wasn’t really my taste.  We will see – if we can find one that is a compromise of comfort and style, then maybe I’ll eat my words, but when I think of a recliner, I think of something like this, and that makes my stomach turn.

Anyway, that’s where things stand as of now!  Hopefully, next time I’m talking about the living room, it’s to post pictures of our fabulous new sofa!!!  Yay!

Fingers crossed that it doesn’t get delayed like the coffee table!


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