An Apology

So… it’s December.  Where oh WHERE does the time go??

If 2013 was the year I really dedicated myself to my blog, 2014 has been the complete opposite.  I’ve completely neglected you guys, and while I feel awful about it, the truth is, I’ve just been lazy.  And kind of un-inspired.

You’ll notice that the more recent posts on here aren’t some of my best.

I’m sorry for that.

But there is a silver lining!! As a result of my neglect, I’ve had the opportunity to dedicate myself to being creative outside of this blog, and it’s allowed be to turn our apartment, into an actual home.  It feels so different from when we moved in – so cozy, and so refreshed.  Nearly every room has gotten a fresh coat of paint – just the hallway near the bathroom, and our bedroom are still outstanding right now.

There’s also a lot of new furniture – a new couch!  Yes, it happened.

A new desk and office space!

A new coffee table.

A new side table.

New lamps.

New dining room chairs.

New shelving.

New rugs…

…And possibly soon, a new dining room table.  Boom.

So, my promise to you is that I will start actually sharing some of these projects, and updates with you all soon.


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