Pillows that take your House from Summer to Fall

Hands down, the EASIEST way to bring a season into your living space is through textiles – most specifically, throw pillows.  You don’t have to make a ton of big changes to make your home feel like summer, or Christmas, or in this case fall, and they are the easiest, and cheapest way to do so on a budget.
Obviously, there are certain fabrics and pillows that easily run into the hundreds, but there are so many affordable options.  Some of my favorite sources… Etsy, Target, and Homegoods.
A few of my favorites out there right now??
I love a good floral print – combine a large scale floral with the colors we associate with fall and bam, we’re in business.  I ALMOST bought the top pillow here from Target, but could only find one.  Sad day friends.  It’s so luscious in person, and a sweet deal too!
I also love the look of the branches and leaves, and the more understated print of the lumbar pillow here.  It could really be used in any season, but the rust red and mustard yellow say “fall” to me.

In a different color, any of these pillows could be perfect for other seasons, but something about the texture (especially in the Kilm pillow) along with the colors, these would be perfect for the season.  In colder months, I especially like thicker fabrics.

They just say, it’s cold outside, so come snuggle on the couch. 

Am I right, or am I RIGHT??

Again, it’s all in the colors that make up the ikat print, but I’m loving the soft melon colors with lots of white.  These are kind of perfect for those that live in more temperate climates, so your house doesn’t feel bizarre on those random warm days.

Mixed with neutral pillows, these are lovely and warm for fall, but mixed with fun blues, you could re-use them again in summer!

Any good ones you’ve seen recently?  I missed the boat for the blue and white pillows I have yet to make – I have a few months to stitch those up, and we can use them after the holidays are over, but for now, I’m on the hunt for some good autumnal pillows!

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