A Revamped Office Plan

Hola friends!!  How’s everything going for you this week??
Just wanted to check in since some ideas have been spinning around in my head.  We’re re-working our office space at home as we speak, and I’m really excited about the inexpensive changes we’re making.  

I’d been pretty happy with the mini makeover we’d given this space a few months back… the office had been functioning fine for me when I’d work from home, but as I think it goes with most projects around the house, it always starts with one little thing…. our thing was a computer monitor.

Kris has been working from home, and really needed a computer monitor to be more productive.  We talked about it, and agreed that if he needed one to be more productive when working at home, it was a good decision.  So he went ahead to choose which one he wanted and ordered it.

Fast forward a few weeks, and there was a massive box sitting in the entryway.  What was in this massive box, I thought?  Turns out, the massive box held an equally massive computer monitor… like big-screen TV massive.  Why am I not surprised…. men!

What this meant was that we now needed a new desk.  The desk we already had was WAY TOO SMALL to house his behemoth computer monitor, laptop, and various other desk stuffs, and so the hunt for a new desk, and the mission to revamp our office was born.

To refresh your memory, here’s how the room had been looking……..

All the updates we’d made in this space were really inexpensive.  I sanded and painted an old desk that was literally falling apart, painted the walls, and hung a drum shade for overhead light.  Since this photo was taken, I’ve also painted the grout white, and brought in some life in the form of an enormous, gorgeous plant.  
I swear people, plants make everything better.
All the updates we already made were extremely friendly on the wallet, and surprise surprise, we plan to keep the second phase of this room’s makeover equally inexpensive.  Since we will be replacing the above desk with one almost twice it’s size, we’ll also be changing the layout of the room.  The desk will live on the right hand wall perpendicular to where it is in the above picture.
I also want to clean up those curtains.  They are too sheer, so I’d love to line them, and they are also way too long, so they need to be hemmed.  I got lazy when I worked on them the first time, so even though they needed to be hemmed months ago, I just rolled them under and called it a day.  Shameful!  Having them hemmed with a crisp edge will make them SO much better.
We’re also going to have one big empty wall to fill up, so there will be a project there as well… maybe a nice shelf above the monitor to have some pretty frames lined up… or a gallery wall around the monitor could be nice… not sure yet!
A few more things… we need a desk chair that is as comfortable as it is beautiful, and a comfy spot to perch in the window since that space will be freed up.  Can’t you just imagine me cozied up in the sunshine on a winter afternoon??
In terms of a desk, here’s what we’re thinking…….

Kris likes modern, I like a warmer look, and this sort of combines the best for both worlds.  Kris likes the clean silhouette, and I like the warm wood top. Done!
We started out looking at desks from West Elm, World Market, Target, and everywhere in between since this was not a project we wanted to put a ton of cash into, but even options from there were adding up to several hundred dollars.  Our solution is going to cost us less than $100, and I can’t wait to share more details once it all comes together! 
More updates soon, promise!

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