Fall Decor: The Magnolia Leaf

Hey Guys… happy Fall!  Can anyone else believe that it’s the last day of September???  Seriously, where does the time go?

Our home still has some of it’s summer decor up, but with fall in full swing, and the days getting noticeably shorter, my goal for this week is to get some fall decor going at home.  It seems that everyone goes straight for pumpkins when decorating for fall, but I want to go for a less obvious approach.  
There will of course still be pumpkins and gourds in the mix as well, but for this fall, I’m really liking the magnolia leaf.  
It’s extremely classic, and I love that the leaves look as lovely bright and green as they do once they brown out.  I also really like that the magnolia leaf – whether in the form of garland, nosegay, or wreath will take you all the way through Thanksgiving… even into the holiday season!
Look how pretty this garland below is – very autumnal without needing in your face bright orange leaves.

As a side note… I also really like the dark brown jug. It also feels very autumnal without being juvenile.

This garland is also a favorite – the mix of brown magnolia leaves with the green is so pretty, and while to me this looks like fall, it’s clearly something that can take you into the holiday season too.  Imagine that lit up at night.  So pretty. 
These nosegays clustered around lit lanterns is a very grand way to light up the stairs leading to your house… even along the driveway.  Or take this look inside, and cluster a few lanterns of varying sizes on a mantle, flanking a long dining table, or as a centerpiece on an outside table.
I am fairly sure that I’ve posted this idea last year, but I still love the look of magnolia leaves as placecards.  So simple, although my handwriting would look nothing like that.
And finally, one of my favorites…  the gilded magnolia leaf wreath.  I want to try and tackle a similar project this weekend.  Now that our front door is looking all fresh and pretty, I’m thinking of retiring our moss wreath until the springtime, and attempting a similar gold wreath.  
That would look so pretty against it, don’t you think??

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