Hello…. It’s Me………


Ha!  Couldn’t resist a little Adele reference!!

But really… I haven’t completely disappeared. Ok, I have, but for very good reasons!!

I had mentioned before that my hubby and I were in the process of looking for a house, and while it took several months, many weekends of endless open houses, multiple offers, and a few broken hearts, I am happy to be able to finally say…. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!!

**queue confetti**

Now that we have closed, I feel good about making that announcement, and being able to finally talk about it here!  She’s (I’ve decided that the house is a “she”) a beautiful old Victorian with her own set of quirks, and I’m obsessed with her.

There is a post coming soon where I’ll take you through the particulars – what we love, what we hate, and what we hope to do to truly make her shine.  We’ve already started in on a few projects, and I cannot wait to share!!



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