Orchid Terrarium

Our living room was feeling a bit… cluttered – I have a shamefully bad habit of adding more and more accessories to our space without taking things away.  I feel like a decor pack-rat sometimes.  
The side tables in our living room were in need of simplification – the multiple picture frames, candles, books, vases, etc were too cluttered.  It all had to go.  What to put in their place?  Something simple, clean and pretty…. and what could be more simple or more pretty than an orchid??
I’ve always loved the look of a pretty terrarium, but do not have the expertise to know how to successfully plant one.   
Despite my brown thumb, I thought I might try my hand at a more simple version of a terrarium – I had a pretty glass apothecary jar, and it was crying out to be used, so on Saturday morning, I took a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up some breakfast goodies, and came home with a few small orchids.  
Bear with me as I scientifically explain how I created an orchid terrarium…

Step I: Take orchid plant out of it’s pot as carefully as you can

Step II: dump into apothecary jar

Step III: Admire pretty new “terrarium”

I know, you were hoping for something more special than that, but it was really that simple.

I’m going to get additional soil since there was not much in the pot, and I feel it needs a bit more now that it’s spread out over a larger surface area.  See how the roots look like they need a little more soil coverage? A quick trip to a nursery will fix that!

With the light near our windows, and the slightly mottled glass, this was VERY hard to photograph, but trust me when I say it’s SO pretty!

If you think about it, an apothocary jar (or cloche) is kind of the perfect environment for an orchid – they love lush, humid environments, and the lid on the apothecary jar keeps things nice and humid… it looks so pretty in our living room, but if this orchid ends up dying in a few weeks, it will still be totally worth it! It was only $7!!

Hope you had a great weekend!!