Bedroom Makeover: Painted Trim

So, last week I had been agonizing over paint colors.  Which shade of Beige / Oatmeal / Desert Wind / Sherwood Tan would I choose to saturate our bedroom walls.

Well it turns out, I found a shortcut, and I’m not going to paint our bedroom at all.  Yep – I discovered that our landlord had painted every surface our our apartment such an “off” off-white, that all I needed to do was paint the trim pure white.  Voila!  All it took was a few coats of semi-gloss in Whitest White – a “custom” color the hipster guy at the Benjamin Moore in the Marina mixed for me (side note here: there was nothing custom about it… while you won’t find Whitest White on any paint chips, it consists of the base color that comes in the can with a single drop of blue to “brighten it up”… alrightyyyyy then).

The result is shocking.  I have the least observant boyfriend in the world, and even he immediately noticed the difference when he came home from work.  He thought I’d painted all the walls, but really I’d just painted the trim.  After work.  And made us dinner.  I’m THAT good.  And modest.

Anyway, since everyone loves a good before and after, here we go:

Before: Blah “Off” Off-White Everywhere

After: Crisp, Clean, Contrasting Trim
You can still see out in the hallway how the trim is monotone with the walls – the hallway is next… and then the dining room… and then the living room… and then the kitchen.  I’m on a roll!!

Also, look at the first “before” picture – those were the temporary curtains we had up until recently.  WAY too dark for the room, but I still love them… just not in here.  Those will be fabulous in my one-day office.  Anyway, seeing the dark curtains hanging, don’t you think the light silk ones are the the winners??  What a huge difference already!

Looking at the progress that I am slowly but surely making on the bedroom, the walls and trim are done, curtains are done… now we have to sort out the bed / bedding situation.

Paint Chips in Real Life

Remember these sad paint chips hanging on our bedroom wall??

Well, after a few days, I think we’ve narrowed it down to a few, so I decided to look them up online, and after a little Google Image searching I found some real life examples.  Here are the front-runners so far:

Behr Harvest Brown:

Lex and Learn

Not Just Brides

Behr Sandstone Cliff:

Live Love DIY

Martha Stewart Tobacco Leaf:

Favorite paint colors

The Inspired Room

Martha Stewart Ash Bark:

The Home Depot

Martha Stewart Heath:

Martha Stewart

Apartment Therapy

My verdict??  With the exception of Tobacco Leaf which has more of a green tone, they all look the same!  Tobacco leaf is out, and tonight we will eenie meenie miney moe for the finalist.

Fingers crossed!!

Bedroom Makeover: Paint Chips

As I mentioned, I’m starting to think about finally working on the bedroom.  I mentioned that this room doesn’t get a lot of natural light (not that these photos do a lot to confirm that), but I have been trying to decide on a wall color.  While I was at the Home Depot, picking up my spray painting supplies over the weekend, I also picked up a ton of paint chips, which I taped to our bedroom wall.  I know that I should have picked up actual samples to paint on there, but it felt like too much work… and I was sick… my new excuse for everything… so these paint chips will have to do.

Right now, the entire apartment (except the dining room which I already painted) is a dirty looking off-white color.  It’s not creme, it’s not taupe, or sand, or desert wind, or any other fancy name – the only way to describe this color is off-white… it’s “off” and it makes the lack of direct sunlight in our bedroom very depressing.

To add insult to injury, the trim is painted in the same shade of blah off-white, so nothing pops.  Kris thinks I’m crazy to put so much work into a place we are renting, and he thinks I’m even crazier to do this knowing that I’ll have to paint back over it before we move, but to me, it’s worth it.  Step one will be to paint the trim a sharp, bright, glossy white.  Step two will be to paint the walls a contrasting shade in a warm tone.

I’ve decided on something in the “tan” color family for several reasons – while a dark color would make this room purposely cozy, it will inevitably be so difficult to paint back over when we move out.  This was a valuable lesson I learned in past apartments.  I will NEVER do that again – no matter how awesome navy, or a dark mink color would look 🙂

Looking at these on the wall, I’ve already decided that the bottom four are out – they are too light, and too similar to the disgusting wall color we currently have – even though they do have a bit more yellow, and they are overall brighter, I’m looking for more contrast against the crown molding.  In this light, I really like the darkest one – it’s second from the right in the middle grouping – however at night, it looks dark… really dark… and I’m worried it will give the room a cave-like feeling on cloudy days.

**As a side note, doesn’t our new rug look fabulous in the hallway?!  I don’t think I’ve ever photographed it in our house – pretty awesome.  It’s the indoor/outdoor Saybrook Runner from Ballard Designs – it is an insanely good deal and I am so happy with it**

I really like the one at the very top, along with the one farthest to the right in the middle.  I’m going to give it a few more days to make a decision.

The other thing I was thinking was to paint three of the walls a lighter color like the paint chip farthest on the left in the middle row, and painting the wall behind our bed the darkest color.  Is that weird?  Should I stay consistent on all the walls?  Maybe Kris will have something brilliant to say on the matter…