Beautiful… but Timeless?

My best friend Kira is single (and ready to mingle), but like me, she is SUCH a sucker for weddings.

We both cruise StyleMePretty daily, post inspiration boards, and DVR Say Yes to the Dress.  She is convinced that this Amsale dress is THE ONE.  I have to admit, it is gorgeous.  The detail is amazing, the skirt really makes a statement… but that begs the question, will you still like that statement 30 years from now?

For me, while I loved it on the runway, and I love it now, I think it would be something that ultimately I would end up thinking was dated.  I wonder, even 10 years from now, will we look back and go, wow that was soooo 2011.  My mother looked beautiful on her wedding day, but her look was definitely ’70’s.  My dad kept encouraging my sister to get a dress “like mom’s” when she got married earlier this year, so maybe it’s ok if it looks dated.  Maybe no matter what you get, styles will inevitably change, bridal trends will continue to evolve, and you will still reflect the year you got married.

More variations of this ruffled look

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