Chippendale Obsession

black chippendale chair
S. R. Gambrel
Recently I have been nothing short of OBSESSED with the idea of replacing the white wicker chair that sits in the corner of our living room.  Truth be told, this chair just doesn’t belong in the living room.  It belongs on the porch of our future home, or in the bedroom of our future baby girl, or in a grassy back-yard under an apple tree.  Ok, a bit too specific, but you get the picture.

I’ve had this wicker chair since I was a little girl, and even though we don’t have anywhere in our teeny cozy SF apartment to put it, I just can’t part with it… yet.  I’ve been on the hunt for a big overstuffed chair for this nook in the room – something really cozy that I can curl up in by the window on Saturday mornings with my coffee and gossip magazines.  While I’ve been scouring the internet for chairs, I keep noticing Chippendales EVERYWHERE.  The more I see them in fabulous contemporary spaces, the more I fall in love!  And so my obsession has begun.

I’ve learned there are two basic variations so let me clarify. This style originated from English cabinet maker, Thomas Chippendale, and there are essentially four variations of the style labeled “Chippendale”:
  1. English with deep carving
  2. laborate French rococo (think Louis XV)
  3. Gothic with pointed arches, quatrefoils and fret worked legs
  4. Chinese style with latticework and laxquer

(thank you Wikipedia)

So you get the picture now.  Glorious clean lines.  Bamboo detail.  Bright colors.  Classic but Modern.  LOVE!!

I just can’t get over how amazing a pair of these would look in our living room.   Our living room currently serves two purposes – being a living room and being an office.  These would break up the room, and bring definition to the two spaces – on the right side there is the “work area” with the desk and reading chair (aka wicker chair for the time being), and on the left is the “entertainment space” for hanging out and watching TV.  I want something more substantial to replace the wicker chair in the corner, but I think Chippendale’s are the first priority…

See what I mean?  Kind of perfect, right??

I’ve already started scouring Craigslist for a pair and I can tell that it’s going to be a serious challenge to find more a pair at a reasonable cost.  Most are a bit worn out, so I’m expecting there will be some serious elbow grease involved to fix them up… that is the thing about love though… you’ll do anything.  And I am IN LOVE with these!

<img alt="lamps & gold chippendale chair

Betsey Burnham bamboo chippendale chair zebra drapes

Wisteria Chippendale Chair

turquoise, foux bamboo chair, chippendale

Bamboo Chippendale Chair

White Chinese Chippendale chair {Ballard Designs} and orange & white damask pattern drapes with turquoise trim. Fab! By designer Palmer Weiss.

Blue Chippendale Chair

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