Fun Craft Project: Spray Painted Lightbulb

Everyone knows the easiest way to create romantic atmosphere is to light a candle, but I came across a cool DIY that I am DYING to try!

Lightbulb Makeover: DIY
Spray paint a bulb covered with lace. Remove the lace and ... tah-dah, pretty

If you have a plain light bulb in your home that could use some sprucing, then this project is for you!  Just grab a piece of lace and some spray paint!

Tape lace over light bulb (I’d use a low watt, soft pink or soft white bulb).  Hold can 8-10 inches away, and spray evenly with paint.  Carefully remove the lace while the paint is wet, and set the bulb to dry.  What could be easier?!

This would look great in metallic (to glitz up a closet, or dining room), soft pastel colors (baby’s room), or bold hues (for the adventurous)!

I am having grand visions of painting a few, and clustering them together for a modern (and inexpensive) alternative to a chandelier.  Obviously with the paint blocking most of the light, these aren’t going to illuminate a dark room or give you ample reading light, but the soft glow through the intricate pattern will likely cast a cool design in a dark room, provide a bit of light for those with bad dreams, or just look plain awesome.

7 thoughts on “Fun Craft Project: Spray Painted Lightbulb

  1. I'd probably choose a lace or crocheted doily with a more open pattern that repeated every few inches, cut it into strips and paint it that way, as opposed to trying to wrap an entire piece of lace around the bulb!

    Let me know how this goes once you try it!


  2. I have pictures of my results. Unfortunately there is no way to add pics here in comments. Well fortunately for the person that posted this anyways. It was a waste of a light bulb, money for the paint, a doily and my time. The instructions were lacking of course it didn't work. I think if you post ideas they should be at least possible to do. I am an artist and I am very patient and attentive to detailed and meticulous work. But this was a flop.


  3. If anyone wants to attempt this project may I suggest a low tack frisket. You can secure the bulb with a table vice at the base being careful not to squeeze too hard. You'll have to trace the design on the frisket then put it on the bulb in strips close enough to overlap so you don't have the stripe up the bulb. Then shortly after you spray, before it's dry you can very carefully peel the frisket away in pieces with a pair of tweezers. If you wait until it's dry chances are you will peel the paint up along with the frisket. Good luck.


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