Ornament Garland DIY

Hello hello and happy Monday!

I’m all tuckered out from the MANY holiday parties we went to over the weekend, but despite the back-to-back party schedule, I still managed to fit in a little DIY project that I’ve been dying to try!

Kate of Centsational Girl created a beautiful, blingy garland for her holiday mantle that I just had to have!  Using her tutorial, and these photos for inspiration, I set out to make one of my own.

Trust me when I say that this project could not be easier!

I bought one large multipack of silver ornaments from target, along with three smaller sized packs to vary the size and shape of the ornament clusters.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find floral wire, fishing wire, or even a thin rope at the store, but they did have wired garlands with stars all over it, so I figured that was close enough to get the job done.

I laid everything out first into a little assembly line, and got to work threading varying ornaments onto the wire garland.

And the final result??

A really pretty (really easy to make) holiday garland for our hallway!  I’d originally been thinking of doing this garland in golds and bronze colors, but I think the cool colors of the silver and gunmetal look really pretty with the blue table.

I’m still working on styling the table, since the two potted red amaryllis plants that were there earlier this week didn’t look right with the wintery looking garland. In my dream world, I’d have two mini evergreen trees here, but alas, it’s all a bit too much for our teeny hallway.

In the end, this garland ended up being around 4 feet long, which is perfect for it to serpentine around the top of the table, and the best part is, that if I ever want to add to it, I can tie more wire onto the existing garland, and thread on more ornaments.

Ornament garland… SUCCESS!

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