Accordion Style

Can you tell what it is in this picture that has me enamored??


If you guessed the brushed bronze accordion style table in the forefront, than you’d be right on the money!!

Industrial chic is back in a big way – just ask Restoration Hardware.

Now that we are making progress in the living room, and I’ve crossed a few things off my never-ending list, I am thinking about what kind of chair I’d like to replace the wicker chair that’s currently in there.

Once I start thinking about what chair to put in there, I start to think… well do we need one chair or two?  If we have a chair that people actually use (as opposed to one that I just like to look at), then what will people set their drink down on… the coffee table is a long ways away.  And so then I start thinking about what kind of table would look cool, be functional, and still be small enough not to get in the way or look awkward floating in the middle of the room next to our chair.

See what happens when I start thinking about chairs??  If you give a Mouse a Cookie… (have you read that story?? If not, please do)

I mean how sweet are these little tables – narrow yet functional – this one here is just tucked away in the corner…

And look how sweet this little accordion table looks tucked into this reading nook.  I decided to do a little recon, and see what I could come up with online…

This one is from Urban Outfitters, and it’s only $64!!  I mean COME ON!!  $64??  I spent more than that at happy hour last night!  And let me just say, this table does not look like $64.  Thank you Urban Outfitters – this is definitely better than the fake glasses and $50 t-shirts you sell.

And then after that steal… I found this one.  Holy cow, did you see the at price tag on this baby??? DEFINITELY out of my budget (yeahhh, not going to spend nearly a grand on a teeny tiny table), but I love the shiny brass finish, and the marble top – so pretty!

This beauty comes from the same seller as the $800 brass table, but its a) cheaper b) shorter c) wider.  I am LOVING the mirrored top too… more room to put my book, remote control and glass of wine!

What do you think of these little accordion wonders?  I’m in loveeeee.

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