Gold Leaf Chair – DIY Inspiration

This post all started with this chair that I found on Pinterest…

The text accompanying this pin read: “gold leaf an IKEA chair, genius“… and I myself thought… yeah that IS totally genius!  I want to do this even though we have nowhere to put said gold leafed chair when it’s finished!

So I clicked on the image, and it took me to… an error page.  Is there anything more annoying than a pin from Pinterest with no source?!  Dear pinners of the world, give credit where credit is due!

Moving on… this hack is easy enough… spray the legs red (or aqua, or emerald green, or slate grey, or whatever cool color you think would be awesome) and either gold leaf the seat or spray that gold too.

Zero talent required… my favorite kind of DIY.

I decided to track down this Ikea chair on their site, but alas… it’s either discontinued, or it was never a chair from Ikea to begin with.

I don’t want to let this slow me down, so I pulled together a list of other inexpensive Ikea chairs that this hack could totally work with…

Sources: #1#2#3#4#5#6
I think option #3 is the most similar to the inspiration, but #5 would make some pretty sweet bar stools in a cool kitchen space…
I also thought this chair (at $40 each) could be an interesting spin on this hack…
And not that this chair has anything to do with this post (aside from the fact that it’s from Ikea), but if you’re in the market for some mod lucite chairs… these bad boys retail for just $80 each, and are SUPER on trend right now…
Just throwing it out there…
Anyway, I am still toying with this idea… mainly because I just think it looks cool… not because we need a gold chair of this nature.  Hope this helps inspire!

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