Rast Hack – Ostrich Leather Upholstered Side Table

It all started with this image…

Can you imagine anything more extravagant??  To have a side table that is upholstered with ostrich leather??  And that brass hardware… stunning.  You all know how I feel about gold.  To die for…

A piece like this would cost the big bucks (can you hear the ca-ching sound in your head???)

But oh how amazing it would be to own a fabulous side table JUST. LIKE. THIS. Since I’ve been put on a budget, and I could never fathom spending thousands on a side table anyway, I had to get a bit creative in brainstorming up a little DIY for this end table…

Here’s what I came up with…

So that means that with a little patience, and a bit of work that you could recreate one of these side tables for less than $115 –  and for just over $200 you could have a pair of them!  That’s my kind of budget!
To recreate this side table, I imagine the steps going something like this…
STEP I: Piece together the Rast side table, prime and paint the top and sides of it gold (leave the drawers bare)
STEP II: Use Barge’s multi-surface glue to secure the fabric to the drawer fronts.  Leave a half inch of space around the edges of each drawer for the trim (side note, if you ever have a question on what adhesive to use, use this site… it’s AMAZING!!)
STEP III: Measure and cut the pieces for each drawer front (you’ll need 8 pieces of trim total – two long for the top and bottom drawer, and six short for each drawer)
**Note: you could probably have the Home Depot cut the trim for you before you take it home to avoid the hassle of measuring the corners and sawing them yourself…
STEP IV: Prime and paint the trim gold
STEP V: Use finishing nails (or even liquid nails) to secure the trim to the drawers
5. Screw in the pulls to the drawer fronts
Ta-da! You’re done!
The hardware is certainly the most pricey part of this endeavor, and I’m sure that with a bit of scouting around, you could find three plate brass pulls for less than $15 each.  
While I’m on a bit of a DIY hold until we find out if we are moving for sure (and when we are moving for sure) this is definitely a little project I’m itching to test out! 

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