Easy DIY: Upcycled Wine Bottles

How cute / cool does this upcycled wine bottle turned vase look??
My cousin posted this picture on Facebook, and it got me thinking… I’ve been focused on larger projects recently, but there is something so satisfying about the little DIY projects that you can tackle in a night after work… case in point – this wine bottle made over with a little paint and twine
Clearly clever women run in my family… or is it that Pinterest-lovers run in my family… or is it that expert wine-drinkers run in my family??? Or is it all of the above??  Eh, that’s neither here nor there.
I happen to be QUITE the expert wine drinker, so this is the perfect project for me… in a week’s time I could have enough bottles emptied and ready to open an Etsy shop!  I kid… kind of.
I took to Pinterest for more bottle inspiration, and these wine bottles doused in chalkboard paint caught my fancy…. they’d make for a cute little centerpiece at a party (or better yet… mask a cheapish bottle of wine if you’re hosting a big family style dinner)…
Not to get completely distracted, but a few of my favorite bottles of inexpensive red is the Menage e Trois Meritage blend (usually around $8 at the supermarket) and the Ravenswood Old Vine Zinfindel (also around $8 most of the time)… you are welcome in advance!


And how cute is this one… much more “wedding-y” and a little more rustic since they actually used chalk on it, instead of a chalk pen like the above photo…


Or white – I’m loving the black bottles much more, but a group of these (in varying sizes and shapes) in white could look kind of rad on a mantle…


Like I need an excuse to pop open a bottle of wine… but if I were looking for one, I’d say these are a pretty good reason!

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