Chalkboard Frame with Deer Silhouette

I recently stumbled upon a new blog and it’s love.  I discovered City Farmhouse on Pinterest, and after clicking over to the photo’s source, fell down the rabbit hole.  An hour later, I’d completely stalked her entire house, and trust me when I tell you… it’s AMAZING.  What I love the most is that she’s really into up-cycling furniture and decor she already has… I mean how pretty is her living room all done up for Christmas??

A lot of it is found furniture that she’s slapped some paint on, recovered, or made-over in some fabulously creative way.  A girl after my own heart, since money isn’t exactly growing on trees around here…

The coffee table is a prime example of her creativity… the table is originally from Ikea, and she painted it and nailed wooden slats down after giving them an aged finish.  I’ve thought of doing this exact project SO. MANY. TIMES. But I’ve been too lazy, and I felt really unsure of if it would turn out… seeing her gorgeous home has totally inspired me to go for it.

Baby steps though… before I tackle this coffee table makeover, I have a smaller project in mind.

As you well know, I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of mounted antlers… I’ve posted about it twice already (here and here).

It hasn’t been something I’ve actively pursued though because I’m really on the fence about having real antlers in our house (flashbacks of Bambi are haunting me) and in all honesty, I think that a resin deer head would be way too much for our small space.

That said, I saw Jen’s chalkboard stag silhouette and was sold. Game over.

Her full tutorial can be found here, but it consists of a few simple steps… get a frame (with glass), paint the glass with chalkboard paint (after priming), trace the outline of a stag and color it in…
So SO awesome, right??  I prefer the thickness of the wood on the chalkboard frame that hangs above her mantel a bit better, but this would be such a fun project to test out, and it’s virtually risk free.  The deer head is temporary – just erase it when you’re sick of it, and there you have it!
I NEED to try this out soon!  No clue where I’ll hang it just yet, but that can be sorted out later!

Brilliant, right??

Easy DIY: Upcycled Wine Bottles

How cute / cool does this upcycled wine bottle turned vase look??
My cousin posted this picture on Facebook, and it got me thinking… I’ve been focused on larger projects recently, but there is something so satisfying about the little DIY projects that you can tackle in a night after work… case in point – this wine bottle made over with a little paint and twine
Clearly clever women run in my family… or is it that Pinterest-lovers run in my family… or is it that expert wine-drinkers run in my family??? Or is it all of the above??  Eh, that’s neither here nor there.
I happen to be QUITE the expert wine drinker, so this is the perfect project for me… in a week’s time I could have enough bottles emptied and ready to open an Etsy shop!  I kid… kind of.
I took to Pinterest for more bottle inspiration, and these wine bottles doused in chalkboard paint caught my fancy…. they’d make for a cute little centerpiece at a party (or better yet… mask a cheapish bottle of wine if you’re hosting a big family style dinner)…
Not to get completely distracted, but a few of my favorite bottles of inexpensive red is the Menage e Trois Meritage blend (usually around $8 at the supermarket) and the Ravenswood Old Vine Zinfindel (also around $8 most of the time)… you are welcome in advance!


And how cute is this one… much more “wedding-y” and a little more rustic since they actually used chalk on it, instead of a chalk pen like the above photo…


Or white – I’m loving the black bottles much more, but a group of these (in varying sizes and shapes) in white could look kind of rad on a mantle…


Like I need an excuse to pop open a bottle of wine… but if I were looking for one, I’d say these are a pretty good reason!

Creative Chalk Dishes

Yes… I realize that chalkboard paint is very “done” in the world of home decor, BUT, sometimes you come across an idea so good you just HAVE to share.


I happen to still like the idea of having a wall painted with chalkboard paint – especially fun in a kids’ room or even a kitchen!  The question is, what do you do with the chalk??

Use ornate drawer pulls hung upside down!  Who would have thought!  And with the resurgence of brass hardware, this looks especially cute with the coordinating brass switch plate.

Happy Thursday!

Chalkboards at Home

It’s not a secret that chalkboard paint has made a huge resurgence recently, and it keeps popping up all over the internet.  It’s making offices functional, giving kitchens a fun place for children to play, and it’s dull finish looks uber chic when painted on furniture.

Is anyone surprised that Martha Stewart jumped on this bandwagon??  Not only did she feature an entire chalkboard wall, but also featured various shades of chalkboard grey that make up a perfect calendar grid – ingenious!  Bravo Martha… bravo!

Martha Stewart

This next wall – a feature in the dining room – actually has magnetic chalkboard paint – a double whammy 🙂 If the room were busy, it would all be way too much, but with simple furnishings, clean lines, and natural materials, it looks amazing – even once it’s covered in doodles.


Ok, try to tell me that this isn’t the most clever idea yet!!  Using chalkboard paint to create a whimsical headboard in a child’s room.  If our bedroom weren’t so dark, I’d be seriously considering this for our headboard!!


Kate from Centsational Girl recently madeover an computer armoire, taking a once dingy dark desk, and making it bright and functional – I love that the inside doors are used to keep track of schedules, but that it can all be closed up at the end of the day.

Centsational Girl

And finally – chalkboard paint in a super formal dining room.  All that wood paneling is giving me a bit of anxiety to be honest, but I do love the creativity of creating a fun chalkboard border.  This room needs a can of white paint on that paneling, stat, along with a non-brown rug, but that’s beside the point.  Bravo to these homeowners to stepping outside the box a bit!

Apartment Therpay