Ikea Hack – Dresser turned TV Stand

Man oh man… is it Friday yet???

This week, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in this…

Accompanied by these – SUPER confusing building instructions…

BTW, what is that first picture trying to say? If you try to attempt this alone, you will fail??  Whatever Ikea… I’m a one woman show!

Just call me Tim the Toolman Taylor!

As of this morning, this is where my newest little project stands.  Give me some credit!  Those are 3 fully functioning drawers on this bad boy!!  They line up and everything!  Woot wooootttt!!!

While I may be celebrating my carpentry prowess a little early, I need to start making some decisions on the direction of this new dresser / TV stand.  It’s moving into our bedroom (hopefully sooner rather than later), and I’m starting to think that my original plan for this dresser makeover needs a major overhaul few updates.

This photo was my original inspiration for the dresser makeover.  Pretty right?  Simple and clean with pretty gold hardware…

What’s the problem you ask??

It’s going in a beige room, with all white bedding, and a creme colored rug.  After giving it some thought, I think it’s going to be too blah in there if I paint this thing white.  We need some wow factor!

I turned to Pinterest for a little inspiration (duh, where else) and saw a few pieces of furniture that I’d pinned long ago.  The little wheels in my head started to turn…

Peacock blue!  Why didn’t I think of this before??

Can’t you just imagine how fabulous this is going to look, in a nice glossy finish with some brass hardware??

Speaking of hardware… check this out:

You like??  I like!!  They are from some random site called eFaucets.com, but at $1.50 each, they could be coming from Timbuktu and I wouldn’t care.

Thinking it’s a bit much?  It’s not.  I don’t think…

Look at these totally tasteful examples of how to incorporate a brass lion’s head drawer pull into any room!

Source Unknown 

See, a traditional take above….

And a little more sassy below…

Source Unknown 

Either way, its $20 total for 12 pulls, so if I hate them, it’s not a HUGE loss, and if I love them… then it’s potentially the best $20 I’ve spent yet!  I mean how cool are those lion heads?!

Wish me luck, I hear that priming and painting pine can be a huge pain in the you know what (apparently pine seeps sap, making the paint harder to adhere??)

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