Living Room Design Board – a House Tweaking Knock-off

That’s “House TWEAKING”… not twerking… no matter if that’s how it reads in my weird twisted mind…  and it’s a blog I’ve recently become completely obsessed with.  
I forget how I discovered House Tweaking to begin with but it doesn’t really matter… it’s a new instant favorite for me.  Trust me when I say that her taste is SO GOOD. The kind of good where when you look at the clock you realize that you’ve spent 2 hours blog-stalking her. I feel that if we met in real life, we’d be the best of friends.  We both share a love of finding a good deal, Sherdog, and restrained color palettes. Oh and interior design.  That too.
This is her living room.

Hello lovely.

Plush rug…  Check.

Pretty light greys…  Check.

Chevron…  Check check!

Tripod lamp.  It’s love.

You know who else would approve?  Emily Henderson.

They are like style kindred spirits.  That explains so much about why I’m obsessed with this room.  She has the “effortless” look nailed.

I felt inspired… and so to the drawing board I went to recreate a similar room on a budget.

Obviously, it’s a little different, but I think that this inspiration board comes pretty close to achieving the same look and feel.

I’ve also included links to purchase if you are so inclined to recreate this on your own.

RugBamboo Roman ShadeGrey Curtain PanelsTripod LampSlatted Bench / Coffee TableSofaGrey Arm ChairYellow Chevron Throw Pillow (pair)Woven Native American PillowCream Colored “Lacey” PillowCream Colored Knit Pillow

Happy Monday!!

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