DIY Art: Inverted Arrows

Hey guys!  Hope you’re having an awesome week, and for those in the Bay Area, are you all loving this cold weather that came in as much as I am??  Cozy sweaters at last!
Last week, I’d posted about a DIY art project, and I wanted to continue talking about this topic today.  As I’d mentioned, buying art can be expensive, but making your own art can be really cost effective, fun, and dare I say it… easy.   
No more blank boring walls people – here’s another simple DIY art project to try out…

I saw this vignette, and almost died.  That chair (from West Elm)… love it.  The mid-century dresser… so pretty.  And that painting??  The inverted arrows???  A blown up, modern take on my favorite chevron print?????  I’m all over it!

This DIY painting hardly needs explanation, because all you need is some painters tape and the ability to measure the halfway points on the canvas… if you don’t have a single “artistic” bone in your body, then this is the DIY paint project for you.

As for the “how to” the progress photos pretty much say it all…

Still wanting instructions? Ok, here we go:

For this art project, you’ll need:
  – A canvas
  – Painters tape (I like frog tape because it comes off easier)
  – Two paint colors (here, it’s white and gold)
  – A foam brush

  – Tape off the design you want with painters tape…
  – Paint desired areas…
  – Remove tape…
  – Hang on wall.

Ta-da!!  Idiot proof, right??


This is definitely a project that I’m DYING to try. What about you?

I actually think several of these would look really cool hung in a row.

The original project was done with varying colors of gold, but it would also be really cool to mix in a bit of rusty copper for even more variation in the depth.  Or what if you applied a bit of gold leaf to a few specific areas after you were finished for a bit of dimension.  I think the added depth and color variation from gold leaf and mixed metallics would be super important if you were to do a series of a few in a row, but less so if you’re just going to have one.

What do you think??

Are you putting on your beret and getting out an easel as we speak??

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