Christmas Spirit = Christmas Mess

Whelp it’s been a rude awakening being back at work so far… I was just getting used to the life of leisure, and then 7:30 came around this morning VERY early.  Despite my ongoing depression of being back at work this week, we’ve started decorating for the holidays which is very fun… and by fun… I mean hard work.  For the most part our house is a HUGE mess – boxes everywhere, tissue paper galore, and a very fragrant, very busy bare tree in the middle of it.

I’m still in the process of tracking down all the boxes of ornaments, lights, and garlands, so for now, the only thing that isn’t a complete mess is this little shelf in our dining room…

Just one – the rest of them have been cleared off, and the dining room table is a mis-mash of it’s former contents as I contemplate what I want to put up for the holidays.
I don’t dare show you what the rest of our living room and dining room look like right now… it’s bad.
Better photos and more information on how to make those cute little paper trees is on it’s way once the shelves are Christmas-ified.
For now… 
Happy Monday!

2 thoughts on “Christmas Spirit = Christmas Mess

  1. Aww thanks!! There is nothing I hate more than living with the mess – hopefully I'll be able to get it all cleaned up by the weekend!! Can't wait to see yours too!


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