Chic Sheepskin

It’s no secret that I’m a total fan of faux fur… it’s so soft, and on cold winter nights, there is nothing better than snuggling on the sofa with something fluffy and cozy.

We’ve got faux fur happening in the living room in the form of a throw blanket and two throw pillows, and I decided to take it another step further a few months back with a sheepskin throw.

Do you remember this chair in our dining room (turned office space)?  It’s been one of my favorite chairs since spraying it dark, recovering the cushion and adding this sheepskin.  On weekends, it’s where I drink my coffee or talk on the phone to my mama.

For anyone still not sold on the idea of a sheepskin throw, let me just say… it is SO GOOD.  So freaking soft, and plush, and just $30 from Ikea.

They look so beautiful draped over a chair or sofa, but would be equally amazing as a little rug on the side of your bed (there is nothing worse than the cold floor in the middle of the night when you get out of bed for a glass of water).

Wouldn’t they also be the perfect little rug for a baby’s room?  I mean you spend so much time on the floor, why not spend it on something soft??

Thoughts?  Do you love sheepskin as much as I do, or is it something you’d rather admire from afar?

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