I Cheated…

I cheated… but just a little!!

I’m linking up today with Michaela at Michaela Noelle Designs for a fun craft link up party!

There have been some AMAZING ideas posted already, and while I had grand plans to post up a fun paper Christmas Tree project, there have not been enough hours in my day.  Eh, you can’t win them all… so I’ve contributed to the link up with my ornament garland from last year that has held up SO WELL.

Last year it stood alone in the hallway, but this year, it’s a part of the winter wonderland I posted about last week!

Go take a look at some of the amazing ideas and projects!!  Some of them totally doable, and some I know are outside of my talent level…

A few favorites already??

This super charming Swedish Felt Christmas Tree from Southern Distinctions….

I’m obsessed with Sarah’s blog, so it’s no surprise that I loved her feather garland… I just love how it catches the light and sort of glows…

And this felt wreath from Life on Virginia Street is so festive, and relatively simple to make!

If I had a mantle, you can bet your buttons that I’d be whipping up a few of these trees from Little Bits of Home!  I love the tinsel one along with the one with the pompoms.  So clever!!

Have you gone and checked out all the brilliant projects??  Prepare yourself… you’ll get totally sucked in!

9 thoughts on “I Cheated…

  1. Ha! You know, we really CAN'T win them all. I loved the garland in last week's post and was actually going to ask you about it – glad you included the link to the old post.

    Also, (take this as a compliment) your photography skills have really improved since last year, and I mean that in the best way. It's amazing to see the older posts! Keep it up girl!
    – Kelsey


  2. Yes!! One day when I'm totally wealthy, I'll put a dressing room in my mansion, and my Christmas tree in there will be totally girly with feathers and sparkle galore! A girl can dream…


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