Splurge or Save: Malachite Boxes

Malachite… so hot right now. Right Hansel?
But seriously… it is…  it’s everywhere from wallpaper, to wrapping paper, to tabletops to jewelry boxes…
Do you know which of the above jewelry boxes is the splurge??  All I’ll tell you for now is that you could get almost 5 of one of these for the cost of the other.
While you think about that, let’s look at some pretty malachite inspiration…
I think malachite really gained it’s popularity last year when Pantone named “Emerald” as color of the year.  The green in this stone is so pretty, who wouldn’t want to have it everywhere??
Anyway, I don’t think I’m about to wallpaper my (non-existant) powder room with malachite wallpaper, but a jewerly box seems safe enough, and so luxe!
Did you guess which of the jewlery boxes was the splurge and which was the save??
A pretty dramatic difference, right??  And I think the West Elm version actually looks quite a bit more pricey!!
Who knew!?

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