Splurge or Save: Glass Coffee Tables

It’s time for another installment of one of my favorite games… splurge or save. This week, we’re talking coffee tables.  What is it about this week??  The theme here seems to be “living room inspiration”… I just can’t get enough!  Well I’m going with it, to let’s talk about glass topped coffee tables, shall we?

I love a good glass top coffee table – super elegant, and simultaneously modern and traditional.  Clean lines, but a bit feminine at the same time…

Can you guess which is the splurge and which is the save??

I think these are perfect if you have an amazing rug you don’t want to hide, or a smaller space that you want to visually open up… since you can see straight through them, they sort of fade away and let other elements in your living space shine…
They are also really easy to clean which is a bonus (Windex and a paper towel), but not ideal for a house of kids (cracked head anyone?) or for a pack rat.  You’ve got to be able to keep it clean and orderly for it to work in your space so if you’re looking to store 3 years of Pottery Barn catalogs on the lower shelf, go for something with concealed storage.

Are you ready for the reveal?

Admittedly, if you are looking to really save, a glass topped coffee table isn’t going to be the least expensive option out there, but cut glass never is… if you’re willing to put a little elbow grease into a DIY project though, there is an amazing tutorial by Kristen of The Hunted Interior.

She recreated a VERY similar coffee table, using gold leaf, and an Ikea coffee table. Who doesn’t love a good Ikea hack too?!

Gorgeous, right??

Happy Wednesday my friends!

Splurge or Save: Malachite Boxes

Malachite… so hot right now. Right Hansel?
But seriously… it is…  it’s everywhere from wallpaper, to wrapping paper, to tabletops to jewelry boxes…
Do you know which of the above jewelry boxes is the splurge??  All I’ll tell you for now is that you could get almost 5 of one of these for the cost of the other.
While you think about that, let’s look at some pretty malachite inspiration…
I think malachite really gained it’s popularity last year when Pantone named “Emerald” as color of the year.  The green in this stone is so pretty, who wouldn’t want to have it everywhere??
Anyway, I don’t think I’m about to wallpaper my (non-existant) powder room with malachite wallpaper, but a jewerly box seems safe enough, and so luxe!
Did you guess which of the jewlery boxes was the splurge and which was the save??
A pretty dramatic difference, right??  And I think the West Elm version actually looks quite a bit more pricey!!
Who knew!?

Splurge or Save: Louis XIV Side Chair

Louis XIV… the other week we were talking all about his taste in mirrors… this week it’s the chairs.  I swear I’m not obsessed with Marie Antoinette or anything… it just worked out this way!

I happen to be a huge fan of Louis XIV Chairs.  They have classic clean lines, feminine curves, but when done simply like the above, they don’t look fussy or girly AT ALL.

I love them when they are upholstered…

I love them with their caned backs…

I love them painted…

But I also love them with their natural wood…

And one day, I would REALLY love to see a set of them in my house!  If you’re looking to make that happen sooner than later, I rounded up a few for comparison sake… the “splurge” and the “save”.

Were you able to guess which was which??

I’m not going to lie… Kathy Kuo knows her stuff… check out her site if you’re looking for some (pricey) inspiration.  She has AMAZING things, but for those of you looking to save a few (thousand) dollars, check out World Market.

Now I realize that the “save” price might still seem a bit steep.  These aren’t impulse purchase chairs, but for two chairs, $400 is a fair deal when we’re talking those turned legs, the aged finish on the solid wood frame, and the linen upholstery.  I’ve also seen World Market sell them separately, so if you just needed one for a lonely corner, or as a desk chair it’s not bad.  Also, considering they are running a special for 25% off furniture right now, it’s actually $300 for both chairs.

Even without the 25% off, you could still buy 6 chairs for your dining room, for the price of the Kathy Kuo stunners (although that cane backing is so drool worthy)…  If you’re looking to buy, links are below:
Save a few bucksWorld Market Linen Louis XIV Chair
Play Diddy for a dayKathy Kuo Home Louis XIV Chair

What do you think??  Is it worth the splurge or would you rather save??


Neither World Market nor Kathy Kuo has paid me to post their products – all opinions are my own

Splurge or Save: Starburst Mirror

Hansel Starburst mirrors… so hot right now.  And sometimes so expensive…
Can you guess which one of these is the “splurge”??
Starburst mirrors have been making a total resurgence in the last few years, although I’m not sure that these bad boys have ever NOT been hot – Louis XIV used them everywhere (fun fact: he was apparently called the “Sun King” because of this… don’t you just love random facts??).  Anyway, with a history like that, I’m going to say they are more timeless than trendy.
I mean they are EVERYWHERE, and for good reason.  
A good dose of gold is so glam, and they seem to be the universal answer to the question “what do I put on this random wall?”  They are great in a hallway, great over a mantle, awesome over a bed… they pretty much work in any space where you want something pretty, that seems more functional than it actually is.
Let’s be honest, you’re not going to apply your makeup using one of these mirrors, but they manage to be decorative without being “decorative”… you know what I mean??  There’s still a hint of function.  Am I crazy?
Gorgeous right??
It can end up being difficult to find a nice sized starburst mirror for a good price… but not impossible!!
Given the name of this post, you’ve probably guessed that I found one that is a total steal.  Could you guess from the original photos above which was the “splurge” and which was the “save”?
If you guessed that the splurge was on the left then you’re right!!
While the price tags are dramatically different from one another, the mirrors themselves are quite similar.  The Elementarie mirror has more tines, and while I like how they are staggered at different lengths, I actually really LOVE that the tines on the Martha Stewart mirror are tapered and have more dimension.
I also love the price tag on that Martha Stewart gem.
To put the value in perspective, you could buy 12 of the Martha Stewart Sunburst mirrors for the price of one of the Elementarie mirrors.
Holy cow.
I’m a sucker for a good deal, so I’m team Martha all the way!!
What do you think?  Worth the splurge?
Should I do more of the Splurge vs. Save posts – I’d love to hear from you!