Holiday Shelf Decor

Hello friends!

I’ve been sick as a dog, spending as much time as I can in bed resting, but I’m stopping in briefly today to post a few pictures of the holiday decor I’ve added to the shelves in our dining room / office.

Everything we added to this space was either re-purposed from past years, or it was free…
One of my favorite parts about the holiday updates on these shelves were the “chalkboard” printouts from online.  I just took the prints that were previously in these frames and swapped them out.  So easy, and it cost me nothing – my favorite kind of update!
I also took the faux holly berry sprigs that had been in our living room last year, and cut the stems short, putting the berry branches in a few small pots we had on hand.  Another super easy, free addition, and it added instant holiday cheer to the shelves.
The faux potted amaryllis was a score from Target last year, and is livening up our pretty little bar cart.
This is not a “Christmas” update, but you might also notice a pretty addition here… my mom gifted me one of her crystal decanters!  I am dying to get some port decanted in there, but for now, it’s just looking very pretty.
Also, not holiday specific, but the striped red straws were another Target find recently!
On the other side is a pretty close mirror image… in a small space, keeping things symmetrical helps keep things from feeling super busy…

Notice the fake snow tucked behind the pot of berries?  It’s actually fake cobwebs leftover from Halloween.  Woot woot!!

On each of these shelves is a little project I worked on – the stacked paper Christmas trees. I got the idea from this post on Style Me Pretty from last year, where they made all these adorable paper Christmas trees. Mine didn’t quite come out the same, but they aren’t terrible either…
I ended up cutting up one of my Sookie Stackhouse books for this project (don’t worry, it was not some piece of classic literature) – different sized square pieces, and stacked away.  I used the leftover branch from cutting down the holly berries for the tree trunk, and called it a day.
Next time around I’d use thicker / stiffer paper, and more of it, so each tree was bushier, but for a first attempt, it wasn’t a total fail.

I especially love this space at night… there are lots of candles in here, and it creates the most cozy atmosphere…

I kind of hated the full mirror wall for the longest time, but while it’s totally 80’s, it also does make the small space feel more open.  I also love that it reflects back the twinkling lights of our Christmas tree…

So that’s all for our dining room holiday updates…

It’s festive, without being over the top, and they were all easy, inexpensive (or free) updates!  Ok, back to bed for me…

2 thoughts on “Holiday Shelf Decor

  1. Gotta embrace the '80's mirrors! In a small room, they really do help, and I agree. It looks great at night with the tree all lit up! Great ideas for finding inexpensive ways to decorate for the holidays.

    Thanks for the great post


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