Musical Curtains

So this isn’t TOO exciting, but I wanted to share a few updated shots of our living room, after playing musical curtains the other weekend.

Since hanging the chevron curtains in our bedroom, the creme colored silk panels that had been in the bedroom, made themselves a new home in the living room with the other silk panels.

AT LAST we have four panels hanging along the row of windows in our living room!

For pretty much everyone except me, the change is nothing you’d even think twice about, but for the longest time, these windows just had a single curtain flanking each end.

These aren’t great photos, but they’re evidence that it was a bit bare:

See the empty space between windows?  It just sort of bugged me, and felt unfinished…

Here is a better picture to illustrate how “empty” it felt to me……

Obviously this snapshot is from a long time ago… before the new rug moved in with us.  Don’t you agree that there was something missing?  It just needed a little something extra…

And now it does…

I think it makes the room feel larger, and more complete, and since we get direct sunlight in here ALL DAY LONG, I think the curtains really help soften and filter the light.

Here are a few more pictures since I know you’re as excited as I am… NOT.

Side note… the room is really neutral as of now since I wanted to simplify and de-clutter after all the excess of Christmas.  Now that we are getting closer to spring, I’ve got my eye on some brighter colors and fun patterns for the pillows, so the room will feel a bit more awake after all the neutral colors of January and February.

And, that’s it!  Just wanted to share the little update with you all!  Happy Wednesday!

18 thoughts on “Musical Curtains

  1. I totally get excited over “little” changes like that. After all, they can have a huge impact. The sheer curtains look great in your living room!


  2. Aww thanks! The curtains are actually not sheer in real life – they have black-out lining. I think that's unfortunately my poor photography skills at work here 🙂 Definitely need to improve that since our living room is soooo sunny

    Thanks for reading!


  3. Love the curtains! I've felt the same way about my living room. I have windows back to back too. I have honeycomb shades instead of blinds but wondered if curtains would be too much. After seeing your pics it's inspired me and I'm going to try curtains in each sections. I have really tall ceilings. Would you have them drape to the floor? Also did you just pull the couch away to make room for the curatins? Jusdt found your blog it's great! We have simalar likes


  4. So glad I helped you make a decision! I'm a HUGE fan of long curtains – especially in a room with high ceilings. They not only highlight the height, but also frame the windows. In our living room, I just pulled the couch away from the windows so they could drape softly. I'm not a huge fan of having them pool too much on the floor, but I do actually like them about 1″ too long. Then they have the effect of a skirt fanning out a bit. If they are hemmed just above the floor, they stand “too straight” like little soldiers. Ha! Good luck and send me pictures of the finished living room 🙂

    Thanks for reading!


  5. Thanks! The rug is from RugsUSA – terrible name for a site, but great quality rugs for amazing prices… seriously. You can usually get a promo code for at least 50% off and free shipping. We have several rugs from them, and have been happy with all. No complaints yet!

    Happy hunting 🙂


  6. The extra long curtain rod is actually two curtain rods from Ikea – one is the extra long (expandable length) and the other is the standard expanding size. I sort of jerry rigged them to meet at one of the supports, and used black duct tape to keep them sturdy – the curtains cover where the tape is, so I forget it's even there!

    Since these curtains don't open and close – they stay put – it works out really well, but if we had curtains we opened during the day and closed at night, I'd definitely want to invest the $$ in a single long curtain rod for stability!

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  7. I actually ended up using two curtain rods and duct taped them where they met (the tape ended up being covered by one of the curtain panels, and rested on one of the wall mounts, so it didn't sag. Both rods were from Ikea – one was the longest length they sell, and the other was the standard.


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