DIY Paper Mache Pumpkins

Happy Friday you guys!  Are you as excited for the weekend as I am??
So I saw this fabulous little Esty shop that sells these charming pumpkins, and not to derail her business (at ALL), but I was just thinking of what a fun DIY project these Paper Mache pumpkins would make.

I’m thinking that it could be as easy as this…

  – Small Pumpkins
  – Glue
  – Craft Brush / Foam Brush
  – Small Container
  – Old Books
  – Moss

1. Buy some small irregularly shaped pumpkins from the grocery store (look for ones with long stems)
2. Mix one parts glue (Elmer’s white glue) and one parts water in a small container
3. Rip book pages out of an old book you’ll never read again (hey, I just gave you a use for the copy of Twilight hiding in the bookcase!)
4. Tear pages into small pieces
5. Adhere pieces of the book pages to the sides of the pumpkin
6. Glue a bit of moss around the stem of the pumpkin
7.  You’re done!

You could mix it up like the pumpkin on the far right, and use plain creme colored paper and finish it off with a cool stamp…

You could take things a step further and use a little gold leaf on a few of these…

Like the above pumpkins, you could hang small jewels, brooches, or name tags off of these – how cute would these be as a name card for a place setting at a spooky Halloween dinner??

I might have to give this DIY a go!

Happy weekend 🙂

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