Our new Upholstered Headboard

I gave you all a sneak peek of our new headboard last week, but yesterday afternoon, it finally made it’s debut in our bedroom!

It took a lot of hard work, and a FULL weekend of sawing, sanding, measuring, drilling, screwing, gluing, upholstering, stapling, over-analyzing, band-aiding, nailing, un-nailing, re-nailing, and perhaps a little cursing somewhere in the middle, but it’s finished, and while it almost ended up face down in the middle of the freeway (another story for another day), it’s finally in our bedroom, safe and sound at last!

Literally blood, sweat (no tears), and a little stain remover went into this headboard, and I could not be more thrilled with how it turned out.  I am SO PROUD to say that with A LOT of help from my parents, I successfully made my own headboard!

We joked the entire time that the “A-Team” was working on it, and that the “A” stood for “type-A”.  It’s genetic I swear – we are all just as anal-retentive as one another… so that’s probably why it took us two full days instead of one.  It had to be JUST PERFECT – down to the stained (and lacquered) legs that no one will ever see behind the bed.

The full tutorial on what you need, and what we did is on it’s way, but in the meantime, here is a full photo dump of my pretty headboard in all it’s glory!

After living in this apartment for over a year and a half, this room is FINALLY a room that we want to spend time in.  Up until recently, it had been a catch-all for rejected furniture that didn’t belong in the rest of the house.  Slowly but surely, I’ve been making small updates to the room… making some chevron curtains, painting my furniture, replacing the dinky lamps that were there before, getting a new bed, new rug, new bedding… and the headboard is the final piece to tying this room together.

Do you even remember how this room started out??  Let me refresh your memory…


I think I’ll also do a post on “the evolution of our bedroom” since it has gone through quite a few changes.  Anyway, getting back to our headboard…

The headboard really anchors the room, and makes the bed the focal point in the space.  While our bedroom gets less light than any other room in our house, I think we finally got it right with the light bedding and pretty blue accents.  Late morning is my favorite time of day in this room – it gets direct light, and feels bright and airy for a few hours before the sun moves beyond these windows.

The mirrors I hung behind the nightstands help reflect light for the rest of the day, and open up the space.

Let’s get a close-up of this fabric!

From a distance, you can’t see the texture, but it is one of my favorite things about the headboard.  I am usually a VERY indecisive person, but when choosing this fabric, it took me maybe 5 minutes to make up my mind on it.  The nubby texture is my favorite part… and I feel that it has the perfect mixture of tan and grey together, so wall color and bedding will never be an issue.

I started out comparing solid colored linen fabric swatches, but my concern was that if I ever picked out a bedding in a similar neutral tone that it would look like I tried (unsuccessfully) to match the fabrics, but with this texture, there is no risk of that.  I toyed with the idea of white or creme fabric, but if I ever wanted creme colored bedding and had a white headboard, or white bedding but had a creme colored headboard, it wouldn’t look right either.

So long story short, the fabric was an easy choice, and I am so in love with it!

I’ll also talk about this more in the DIY tutorial, but we went with a nailhead trim – it’s actually a strip of connected nail-heads  where you nail in every 5th nail or so.  This made it WAY easier to keep our lines straight, nail-heads evenly spaced, and after going through the process, I can’t even IMAGINE tacking in individual nail-heads.  What a nightmare that would have been!

This shot is facing the hallway that connects our bedroom (and bathroom) to the dining room, kitchen, and living room.  It’s a bit washed out due to the exposure (I swear, I am going to learn how to take better photos!) but you can KIND OF see the roman shade I made last year.

And as if the universe knew my headboard would be done, it’s peony season!  And is there anything better than a big bunch of ruffled pink peonies??

I think not!
I think that this is hands down, my best DIY to date!
What do you think?  Do you love it as much as I do?

Nailhead Makes Everything Better

Nailhead trim is big right now… like HUGE.  It’s not just contained to overstuffed club chairs and headboards anymore.  It’s running wild through the design world, making appearances on everything from side tables to stairwells, and everything in between…

A few of my favorites from around the web…

Isn’t this great inspiration for an Ikea hack??  You could totally recreate this look on this $20 coffee table from Ikea.  And it comes in white so if you’re feeling lazy, there is no painting required… you’re welcome in advance!

It amazes me how creative people can be.  I would NEVER have thought of applying nail head to trim out the walls in a hallway, and yet, it looks fabulous, and gives this space extra character.  Did you also notice that King Charles Cavalier in the background??  So freaking cute!
Nailhead on a valance!  I’m not a big “valance” person, but in a room with tall ceilings, this could be awesome.  The nailhead highlights the stair-step detail, and adds a even more glam on top of the already super luxe fabrics.
Unless you are super patient, super detail oriented, and have a VERY steady hand… a detailed nailhead trim is probably something best left to the professionals, but how awesome is this upholstered chest of drawers?!  No but seriously… raw linen stretched tight across these drawers??  I am having SO MANY ideas now about what I want to do with the dresser that goes in our room to replace the teeny tiny TV stand that’s currently in there… LOVE.
Nailheads are what is securing this natural fiber runner to these stairs… check this one out!  The stairs did not start off so pretty!
Have you heard of Home Decorators?  I hadn’t either, but I’m taking note!  This table looks like something from Restoration Hardware, but its under $300.  That’s a steal when you compare it with the several thousand dollar price tag RH slaps on everything!
Now THIS is unique.  I haven’t really seen a lot of inlaid upholstery on a chair back like this before, but I am loving how it looks.  The chair is as interesting from the back as it is from the front – which is rare!  Wouldn’t this be great in a shabby chic kitchen nook or in a pretty feminine office?
Nailhead and leather dress these cabinets up… I believe this is someone’s ultra fabulous closet.  A girl can dream….
And one of my favorites… this site is crazy addicting, featuring tons of great Ikea hacks.  This one is very similar to the first photo inspiration I posted about here, but uses the lack side table… well technically one and a half Lack side tables… use the one full Lack and the top from the other to secure to the bottom.  Pure genius considering these tables are only $9 each!

Battle of the Occasional Chairs

This afternoon has been battle of the chairs…

Remember all my plans for the living room, and how I desperately want to replace that dang wicker chair with something lovely, and comfy, and grown up?? (BTW, I swear, this is one of the last time’s I’ll post this little diagram of the living room…)

Well, I’ve got a few contenders for the space – they are all lovely, and I want them all, but I have to make a tough call…

First runner up, is actually a pair of these white slipper chairs…

Cute right??

I’m imagining them with a matching pair of sassy throw pillows in a bright print to wake them up (perfectly fluffed and chopped of course)

Yeah, yeah… I know, I know… my copy and paste of these pillows was not my finest moment in image formatting…

Ok, so I have a few issues with these slipper chairs – as cute as they may be.  These are nearly $300 each – and for $600, I think I can do a lot better than Target (no offense Target… I still love you).  The other concern?  They are super plain from the back, which isn’t ideal when these chairs are the first thing you see when you walk into the living room to view the seating area.

Finally, I’m not sure if they exactly say “come lounge in me” – they don’t look all that comfortable… but maybe I’m wrong, and they are the most comfortable chair you’ll ever sit in.  Who knows?!

So another option I found – and LOVE – is this cute little velvet number from Macys:

Trust me, I already know how awesome this chair is, with it’s sloped arms, and angled back.  It has rave reviews online about how comfortable it is, how durable it is, and how everyone just LOVES this chair… you’re probably thinking, what’s the hold up??  
The hold up is this couch… that I have lusted after for over a year… and I do not want the couch and matching chair…  I’m not a fan of the matching set (I learned my lesson after buying a coffee table/end table “set” a few years back – no more “sets” for this little lady).
So should I base my decision to buy (or not buy) this chair on a couch we don’t have any intention of buying in the next few months? Who knows when we’ll actually get around to replacing our small sad little love seats!  What if we go for this couch from Crate and Barrel (in taupe, not blue) that I’ve ALSO been lusting after… then it won’t matter that I got this chair from the “set”.
Ok, I can’t think about it anymore… because there is a third and fourth option on the table as well!
What about… one of these chairs… 

Yes, I realize it’s the same chair, but I am going back and forth on the colors!  On the one hand, a light taupe will work with whatever decor comes and goes, but the green is so dang lovely!  I love that sea-foam color and it brings some personality to the space…

And look how cute these are from the back!!

Pretty sweet right??  I found them online for ~$300 – the green version is more pricey for sure (closer to $400) but still a pretty great deal for the rave reviews it had on Overstock, Target, Brookstone, etc.  
I did a little comparison price check, and some places are selling it for up to $800!!  Crazy!

It pays to do a little research eh?

So… you can see my problem… I’m very torn on which chair to get.  And I’m a big proponent of trying things out before buying – what if the cushion is too hard?  Too cushy?  What if the color is completely different in person?

Since I want something comfortable, I think the slipper chairs, as clean looking as they are, are out for me, and it’s really between the chair from Macy’s, and the tufted nail-head Colin Club chair.

Any opinions would be welcome here!!