DIY Art – Gold Arrow Copy Cat

Hey friends!! ¬†Happy Wednesday ūüôā
Not sure if you remember, but a while back I’d posted about DIY art. ¬†It all started with the inspiration photo above from House Tweaking. ¬†Her post is great, but the comments… yowzers!! ¬†Apparently people had some harsh opinions about her having painted over one UGLY piece of art that she didn’t love. ¬†I myself could not care less – especially since I LOVED how the arrow art came out. ¬†Clearly.
Loved it so much in fact that I recreated it for our own house!
May I present to you, my own version of the inverted arrow art…

It’s not the easiest to photograph, especially when it’s hanging on a wall in a room that is currently being used as a catch all storage area for things like empty boxes, a loveseat that we just sold, and wood. ¬†Lots and lots of wood that will soon become a planter for our deck.

I pushed some of the junk out of the way in an attempt to stage some pretty things around the art, and it was not my best effort… for sure… but you can totally see the paintings scale here. ¬†Its quite large.

The canvas I used was actually re-purposed – my best friend left an old black and white stretched canvas print from Ikea when she moved across the country, and it made the perfect piece for me to experiment on. No one was going to miss that print.

So I painted over it.

Two coats of white got rolled on and after it dried, I went to work taping off my arrows. ¬†I did some vague measurements, since eyeballing the middle of a 40″ canvas is not as easy as you’d think, and taped the arrows out.

I got a mix of gold paints Рincluding a bronze, and two different shades of gold from the Martha Stewart line. Not to diss Martha, but I was not impressed.  All the metallic shades were flat (not metallic really at all) and the gold looked mustard-y to me.

Back to Michael’s I went in search of the magical Liquid Leaf. ¬†It’s nice and shiny, and I’ve used it on projects before so I knew it would work well.

You can see close up that I painted it on thicker in some areas for more dimension – sort of a 3-D gold effect, and it looks really pretty in different lights.

The gold leaf paint dries in minutes, so I peeled the tape off as soon as I finished, and that was that. Insta-art!

I’m certainly no artist, but it was fun to play the part one foggy afternoon a few weeks ago. ¬†
And better yet, we now have a virtually free piece of art that is a nice focal point in our junk room office.
And even better still, we didn’t have to throw out a perfectly good canvas even though we didn’t like the art, so I like to think we’re also saving the environment… even just a little…

So easy!  Happy Wednesday friends!

Gold Leaf Placecard

It’s almost November, which means it’s almost my FAVORITE holiday… ¬†Thanksgiving!!

With fall, and Thanksgiving on the brain, I saw this image, and had to share. ¬†Isn’t this the best idea for simple DIY place cards at the table?? ¬†
*Source Unknown

Just go out in the yard and collect the biggest sycamore leaves you can find, spray them gold, and write everyone’s name on each one.
I thought that was the most clever idea – can’t wait to copy it…
Happy Tuesday!

DIY Embellished Picture Frames

I got my inspiration for this easy DIY from Courtney over at¬†A Thoughtful Place, but she got her inspiration for this project from House Beautiful… it all trickles down folks!
I have jumped wholeheartedly on the “gold” bandwagon, but realize that it’s best used in moderation… it takes serious self restraint from taking a can of gold spray paint, gold leaf, and gold leaf pen (yes, they make a pen my friends) to everything in sight. ¬†I’m in the process of revamping our currently gold framed gallery wall to something a bit more simple (I think)… but I digress…
Back to my little gold edged frames…

Our entryway has had an empty wall ever since I moved out the ornate Ikea mirror into our hallway… I’d been looking for a larger federal mirror, but having put myself back on a budget after a few shopping sprees, and a splurge on new bedding and the dresser DIY for our bedroom, I’ve decided to hold off on a pretty federal mirror for now.

The question of what to hang in this spot plagued me for a while, and then I spotted these frames in Courtney’s living room, and decided to give it a go…

Super cute right??

Courtney ended up spraying tape, cutting it down to size, and then CAREFULLY wrapping it around the corners of each frame.

I took the lazy approach and taped off the corners of the frame, eyeballing about an inch and a half on each side (nope, didn’t even measure), and then with a craft brush and a small pot of Martha Stewart’s gold leaf paint, just dabbed each corner until it was completely covered with gorgeous texture.


I took the tape off the frame after the second coat went on, and the paint was still wet – it just helped get clean lines on the frame.

So… this DIY is actually just a glorified painted frame! ¬†It was so easy – I literally finished both of these in about 10 minutes, and the paint dries fast – maybe 5 minutes until it’s fully dry?

There are a few small mistakes where the paint bled under the tape, but it’s fine – really from a distance, you don’t notice it at all.

The entryway is really simple, but in such a small space, we figure simple is better than overdone.

Look at that crisp edge… I absolutely LOVE them!

The pretty photographs were from one of my all time favorite Etsy shops, Eye Poetry Photography.  The photographs are really dreamy and pretty, and they have a San Francisco series that I absolutely adore!

I’m not normally a HUGE fan of photographs of city landmarks (the Golden Gate Bridge or Eiffel Tower is SO overdone) but the Ferry Building is so classic, and less photographed, and I just loved the photo of the bridge at dusk – it’s not the in-your-face red towers we’re so used to seeing…

So that’s it – the entry way got a small face-lift this week, these old frames got re-purposed, and everyone wins!
Happy Thursday!!

Gold Leaf Barware DIY

It all started with this Barclay Butera barware I discovered on¬†A Creative Day. ¬†The decanter and tumblers are absolutely fabulous… no?

Well I looked them up online, and each tumbler is $21, and the decanter is $57. ¬†Holy moly – the set is absolutely beautiful, but¬†it’s just not realistic for my “budget” right now.

After falling in love with this lovely barware, and knowing it wasn’t going to happen, I started scheming, and decided that my Ikea tumblers were getting a makeover… ASAP.

Here’s what we started out with – simple, solid, glass tumblers… $4.99 for a¬†six pack! ¬†Can’t beat that price! As a side note, do you like my mani?? ¬†It’s OPI’s Everyday is Oktoberfest if you are interested…

I still had some liquid gold leaf left over from sea fan shadowbox project, and so last night I got to work giving these tumblers a snazzy makeover.

There was nothing planned or precise about it – I didn’t want them to be all the same, and since gold leaf has some texture, it was easier to just go with the flow and freehand it… and I think it turned out pretty well!

This paint dries in seconds, so by the time I finished the last glass, the first one was completely dry, and I was able to arrange them back on the chrome platter they live on in the dining room. ¬†Don’t you love that instant satisfaction??

And here they are – with the low light night pictures, the candles show how shiny the gold leaf is – all glowy and pretty ūüôā

Not bad, right?? ¬†While my glasses don’t have the lovely honeycomb pattern of the Barclay Butera tumblers, they cost me $5, and that sure beats the $120 price tag for six of the Barclay tumblers.

Would they stand up to hard scrubbing or a dishwasher?? I wouldn’t count on it, but since they are only used occasionally for cocktails, and I am the “dishwasher” in our house, I think they’ll be just fine. ¬†Worst case scenario?? ¬†I dab some more gold leaf paint on there when they chip.